January 2019 Ascension Update

△ January 2019 Ascension Update. The Elven Starseed Council™ (the “El”) asked me to share a special edition energy update this month in honor of the powerful Full Moon and lunar eclipse that took place on 1/20-1/21/19. Shortly after the lunar eclipse and full moon, we celebrated 1/23/19 which was an energetically encoded day, 123 being the ascending number sequence from the Universe that signifies the Ascension Portal we’ve all just walked through with this recent full moon and lunar eclipse. Whether you were consciously aware of it or not, this lunar eclipse closed an Ascension Portal that was opened with the lunar eclipse of 7/27/18 (part of last summer’s powerful 2018 eclipse season). 1/23/19 signifies and celebrates a time of completion of a series of divine assignments, clearings, activations and initiations many of us had agreed - on a soul level - to complete during this time. Today's message is one of encouragement and applause for a job well done as well as bringing through additional clarity to support you on your heroic human journey.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Photo by Paul Gilmore

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Photo by Paul Gilmore

△ For many of you, who are on the first wave of ascension, the past two weeks may have felt incredibly intense or heavy. Some of you will likely already be feeling much lighter and brighter than you have felt in a long while, especially on a mental and emotional level. However some of you (and/or your beautiful bodies) may still be feeling the “aftershocks” of so much clearing going on in such a condensed amount of time. You may have or may still be experiencing Ascension Flu, tummy trouble, dizziness, dehydration,  fatigue, heightened emotions or the "combo platter" of many vacillating symptoms.

△ Know that there is nothing wrong with you or your body. These are symptoms of detoxification. Many of us are watching the old paradigms die away through our bodies, as our bodies are all aspects of Gaia. Gaia's (aka Mama Earth's) ascension is also our ascension and we are all so deeply interconnected. All is Well and All is ONE. Again all of your bizarre emotional, mental and physical symptoms are evidence that as we embody more of the light of our Higher Selves, we are releasing the densities and programming of the 3D as we move through 4D into new 5D timelines. (Of course if your symptoms continue to be troublesome, please seek out the necessary care, healing and support for your body, whether from traditional or alternative means).

△ Concurrently, you may be noticing the desire to start to detox your body, your home and your life of foods, substances, possessions, relationships, objects, etc. that no longer serve you in order to MAKE space for the NEW to arrive in your life. Use your intuition about what and who is ready to go.

△ Moving forward, we are being asked to align with the 5D new earth that has already ascended (depending on your perception of time - linear versus multidimensional time) and to focus on the co-creation and birth of the new earth, rather than the old that is dying away. If you focus too externally on the old that is dying away, it can look and appear to be VERY SCARY on Planet Earth right now. Watching the news can make it seem like it is in the end of the world. (So if it doesn't feel good to watch the news, please don't torture yourself!) Alternatively, you can choose to focus inwardly on the light within us,  on the loving support that your Higher Self and Spirit Guides are always sending to you  as well as on the inspiring messages coming from other lightworkers on the path. (Such as the "El" and I over here at Jana Carrey Healing). The choice is yours, you can focus on the end of the old with fear and resistance to change or you can surrender to the inevitable birth of the new earth and begin to align with the frequencies of both 5D Gaia and our 5D Higher Selves that already exist from a multidimensional perspective.

△ For now take some time to rest, rejuvenate, hydrate and celebrate yourself for a job well down! Make sure that you give yourself time a bit of time every day just to BE and allow your nervous system to rest and integrate with nourishing practices such as naps, sleeping in, restorative, yin yoga or yoga nidra, time in nature, Epsom Salt baths and / or moving through your life at a more slow and sustainable pace. And if you are looking for additional support on your life’s Ascension path, I invite you to consider working with the Elven Starseed Council™ and I. We have created a number of beautiful services and offerings, featured under the “Work Together” section of this website, to support and guide other radiant Lightworkers, Healers, New Earth Leaders, Wayshowers, Empaths, Starseeds and Energetically-Sensitive Souls such as yourself! We look forward to praying and playing with you!

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