June 2019 Summer Solstice Ascension Update

June 2019 Summer Solstice Ascension Update

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, June heralds the Summer Solstice, the longest, brightest day of the year. June tends to be my favorite month of the year, as my birthday falls on June 20th - right on or near the solstice - and I love the playful golden energy that arrives with summer. Summer aligns with the archetypes of the Maiden/Puer - the eternal inner child that we all hold within our hearts. On the Summer Solstice, we can connect more easily to the realm of the Fairies, Elves, Devas, Nature Spirits and the Queendoms of Magick, which metaphorically and symbolically represent the true innocence of our divine nature. Summer is a season where the additional hours of sunlight in the day remind us in a very visercal way that life is filled with endless possibilities and invites us to remember the timeless world of childhood - where we engage in the world with a sense of curiosity, wonderment and imagination.


The Summer Solstice is a beautiful time to celebrate the joy and magick of life in some form of sacred ritual. In ritual, we step out from the every day “hustle and bustle”of life and go into a liminal, timeless space where we can connect with all the Ancestors that have walked the Earth and tune into their ancient wisdom. Wisdom which knew the importance of honoring the Goddess, the Earth Mother, the Sun, Father Sky, the transitions of the Seasons and the cycles of Life with reverence and gratitude. You can perform a Summer Solstice ritual alone, with a beloved friend / partner or with community. There is no right or wrong way to honor the Goddess. It can be as simple or elaborate as your heart desires and as your busy, modern schedule allows.

Here are a few ideas to get you started but please let your imagination be your guide! Definitely ask your inner child to help plan your beautiful, playful solstice ritual and remember it is all about honor, gratitude and respect for all of life. If you do plan a ritual, please take a photo and tag me on Instagram or Facebook (@janacarreyhealing) so that I can see the beauty you are adding to the world!

Some Summer Solstice ritual ideas that can be done with alone or with a few other people can include going to a favorite place in nature and giving an offering of honor and gratitude to Mother Earth / the Goddess / Source and to Father Sky / God / the Sun. Some beautiful ideas for offerings are flowers, crystals, sacred talismans, your favorite foods or special herbs you work with. (I like to keep a special herbal blend at my altar that includes dried mugwort and dried flowers. I bring this blend anytime I go out in nature or to make a flower essence, to honor Mother Earth and the nature spirits of that area.) If you work with altars and make altars at your home, you can also make this offering at your altar and light a candle. (Please do not bring candles out into nature).

If the idea of coming together in a larger community feels fun, know that there are NOW many "conscious" Summer Solstice parades, festivals, dances, sound healing events happening all across the world that you can find through a website like Conscious City Guide https://www.consciouscityguide.com/, social media #summersolstice2019 or a Google search. (And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere the same goes for Winter Solstice events).

Summer 2019 Energy Update

This years' 2019 summer solstice falls on Friday, June 21st, exactly four days after the Full Moon in Sagittarius that fell on Monday, June 18th. This powerful June Full Moon aligned very powerfully with the Galactic Center and preparing us / the Earth for this years summer eclipse season, which began on Tuesday July 2nd with the New Moon in Cancer / Solar Eclipse, continues on through the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday July 16th and ends on Saturday July 27th. However, the catalytic and transformative ascension energies and spikes in the Schumann resonances will continue on until approximately Sunday August 11th, three days after the Lions Gate Portal on Thursday August 8th. For those of you who do not know, the Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere as Earth goes through her own Ascension journey of which we are all apart. To add to the healing (and likely triggering) potential of this eclipse portal, Mercury went retrograde on Sunday July 7th (the 7/7 gateway) and will not go direct until the New Moon in Vibrant, Expressive Leo on Wednesday, July 31st 2019. Currently, we think of Mercury as the planet and archtypal energy for communication, technology and commerce, so that in our current area of e-commerce and global interconnectivity when mercury goes retrograde we can go into the fear based mode of worrying about all the havoc and slow downs it may wreck in our businesses and lives. However, the original symbol for Mercury is of the caduceus (the sign we often associate with modern medicine), showing us that Mercury is also a powerful archetype of the healer and alchemist, having the power to “wake people up.” Thus, a more love-based, elevated perspective on the conjunction of this eclipse portal alongside mercury (and many other planets) being retrograde to suggest that this is a divinely, universally orchestrated time of deeper healing and integration to support our individual ascension journeys. Mercury retrogrades provide us time to slow down in order to reflect, heal and integrate (and if we don’t consciously allow time to slow down, heal and integrate, Mercury will assure we get slowed down).

Eclipse seasons are to assist us in speeding up our evolution (we are talking in quantum time here NOT linear time) but only if we allow time for the shadow material coming to the light of our conscious awareness to be released, healed, loved, integrated - thereby making more space for our Higher Self/ Soul to take the lead - and enbaling us to make our next bold quantum leaps after Mercury goes direct / eclipse season ends in late July/ early August. This eclipse and mercury retrograde portal is literally a time where we are being asked to slow down in order to speed up. Thus anything that gets triggered now and that we are forced to slow down to tend to, is actually serving our highest evolution.

( On a personal note, as a Gemini Sun, I am ruled by the planet Mercury, and as a woman who embodies being both an intuitive channel and an energy healer, I was excited to recently learn of this deeper association with Mercury as a symbol for being the messenger/communicator archteype and as symbol of the healer/alchemist archetype.)

The highly activating and catalytic energy of this summer is well under way and for those of us who are energetically sensitive and well into our Ascension journey (what I like to call the First Wave of Ascension) you are likely feeling these energies. Spirit has asked me to share more about Awakening and Ascension from a grounded, practical perspective to better understand why you maybe getting so triggered and how it is actually serving your highest good.


What is Ascension? Is it the same thing as Awakening?

Awakening and Ascension go hand in hand. There are many levels of Awakening within the Ascension journey. We have likely already had lifetimes where we lived on Planet Earth (such Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis) or other Star Systems (such as Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades) as awake, aware and fully conscious beings. The truth is that many of us were already born as spiritually awake and consciously aware Beings of Light & Love, then we were conditioned by our families / societies and we “fell back asleep.”

What are we awakening too?

We are awakening to the truth of our divine nature, essentially that we are God / Goddess / Source dressed up in human form. As we awaken, we help to shift the consciousness of the entire planet, making it easier for all of humanity to eventually “wake up.” THIS IS A HUGE UNDERTAKING of which your own individual journey matters deeply and this is part of what it means to be a Lightworker and a Wayshower (which you ARE and reading this energetically encoded post is confirmation of that.) Of course we go through various levels and layers of awakening to greater cosmic truths about our divine origin, that we then need to then integrate and embody, both within this life and throughout all our lifetimes.

Ascension is the greater journey of transitioning from living life in the third dimension/3D to living life in the fifth dimension/5D. It is truly a very exciting time on Planet Earth, and whether we remember it or not, many of us as Advanced Souls were very eager to be here NOW on Planet Earth to be apart of this very exciting time of planetary change. All of Planet Earth is Ascending and everybody is making this journey on their own time, not all will ascend during this physical lifetime and that is ok. The journey to 5D/unity consciousness is incredibly diverse and unique for us all. Spirit says that it is very important to bring more awareness of the Ascension journey as so many people are very confused and afraid about WTF is going on the world. So much of what looks like the world is falling apart is actually Ascension. Wayshowers like myself are now tasked with speaking up even more to assist and guide others through this process (even as we go through it ourselves! Talk about Mastery!) Everything that existed as part of the old paradigm and 3D ways of life (based on the myth of Seperation from Source, polarity consciousness, fear, greed, patriarchy etc.) are breaking down so that we can all exist and co-create a 5D world together (based on unity consciousness and connection/co-creation as and with Source, love, and the sacred union between the divine feminine and divine masculine- the two polarities that live within us all). 4D is the transitional state between 3 and 5D.

3D, 4D and 5D are not actually places but are vibratory states of consciousness.

It is important to note and to clear up many misunderstandings that we do not actually GO anywhere else when we Ascend. We do not magically get beamed up to a different planet or get taken aboard the mothership back to another star system. This is not about spiritual bypassing or transcending being human, this journey is about being Divine while in Human form.


How Might Ascension affect me this Summer (and beyond)?

It is likely you already are or will get "energetically whammied" (yes whammied is a very technical term ;) that Spirit and I are using to explain how all the light codes and Ascension energies flooding the planet can leave us feeling completely out of sorts) at some point during the summer and beyond. I am currently recovering from another wave of Ascension Flu as a I write this newsletter / blog post. So please know you are not alone. I want to personally remind you that if what you are feeling does not feel fun, playful, light or what you think the Summer Solstice "should feel like" that is also ok. As a lightworker and wayshower (this is true for anyone on planet earth right now - however lightworkers and wayshowers tend to feel these energies most acutely) there is so much healing, activation and integration going on behind the surface than what our human mind / ego structure can grasp.

How do you know if you are feeling energetically whammied by all these potent Ascension Energies?

You will likely feel:

a) feel exhausted, foggy and groggy. Like your brain does not work properly.

b) feel sick & unwell with many rotating or changing symptoms including waves of heat or the chills, bodily shakes, headaches, aches and pains, lymph swelling or edema, bloating and gas or weird patterns in your elimination. It may feel like you have the flu - what I like to call Ascension Flu. Your body is essentially in a deep process of detoxing out 3-D viral programming, old paradigm social conditioning, outdated belief systems, ancestral karma, etc. to make space for embodying the light of your Higher Self / soul 5-D.

c) feel incredibly emotional - like you are on an emotional rollercoaster - perhaps joyous and blissed out one moment and then feeling despair and hopeless the next - what I like to call Ascension Bipolar as your brain is learning to balance the polarities of the left (masucline) and right (feminine) hemisphere of your brain.

d) feel heavy, empty, confused, depressed, void and in a space of “I don’t know.”

e) You may experience a combo platter of some or all of the symptoms mentioned above.

What do you do if you are feeling energetically whammied?

First remember that there is nothing wrong with you and nothing wrong with your body. ALL IS WELL. This entire planetary Ascension journey is being orchestrated by the intelligence of the Universe / God / Divinity / Source. This includes your individual physical ascension journey, which is unique to you and will not look or feel like anyone else’s journey. Your own Higher Self sets the pace of your Ascension journey along with the Divine Will of Source, so please remember that everything occurs in Divine Right Time, not a minute too soon or too late. Ascension is not a disorder or a condition to be fixed or healed. (Of course if you suspect you do have a condition or illness that warranties medical attention - definitely trust your own knowing and seek support).

Here are three things you can do during times when you are being energetically whammied by your Ascension journey:


1) Slow down
2) Simplify & Create Space
3) Take life one step at a time

1) Slow Down. Remember that your life is not a race to be won (neither is awakening or ascension, if you are reading this newsletter/post than you are already so far ahead of the mainstream curve anyways) and that no one can fulfill your divine destiny but you. Remind yourself that Rome was not built in a day which metaphorically speaking translates to anything that we are meant to create that contributes to your legacy of love on this planet takes time. Return to the breath frequently. When you slow your breathing down, your whole nervous system receives permission to relax. Allow yourself to slow the pace down at which you move throughout your day, as much as you can and ease up on your expectations of yourself, especially if you are healing the wound of Perfectionism / Never Enough / Over-Achiever Lightworker Syndrome like I am. Instead of trying to do more faster (the old wounded masculine paradigm), remember in the new paradigm that how you do things (the feminine or the being behind the doing) is just as important as what you are doing (the masculine). When we slow down, we allow ourselves to align with the breath and move at a more sustainable pace. Get more rest and allow yourself to sleep more when you need it. There is so much healing and integration that happens naturally when we bypass the judgements of our minds and allow our bodies more sleep or rest.

2) Simplify & Create Space. This goes hand in hand with slowing down. Simplifying your life can include clearing things off your to-do list and not trying to cram as much into your daily schedule. Build in pauses or moments of “white space” time in your day, in the week, in the month and in the year this will help your nervous system to relax and your ego to unwind and integrate (which may be why you resist creating space - it goes against the conditioning of the ego who does not want to give up control). Time where you can just rest, just be in silence is ideal. Simplifying your life can also mean cutting out unnecessary distractions and clutter - this can include everything from decluttering your home/ closet and getting rid of excess possessions, to clearing out events in your social calendar that do not feel good, to letting go of relationships that do not serve your highest good and do not feel good to your heart. Another way to allow yourself to feel connected to the Energy of spaciousness and simplicity, is to spend time in Nature. Connecting with Nature is a key, free and easy tool to assist your body with Ascension.

3) Take life one step at a time. When you are energetically whammied you will likely feel overwhelmed and your mind race on into the future worrying, will I always feel this craptastic or crazy? No this wave of ascension energy will pass and you will integrate it like the BADASS Master you are.  Bring yourself back into the present. Remember there is no need to "figure your life out" ahead of time. Honestly, what would be the fun in that? In stark contrast to the old paradigm 3-D way of doing life (with its "five year plans" and its need to always know the right answer) life in 5D is all about cocreation with the Universe and with Life. Its about trusting more deeply in the divine perfection and timing of Life. (Which will likely not align with the wants and demands of our human conditioning /minds and ego and very often our ego is able to integrate and we mature when we don't get our way). Life will show you what you need to do, ONE STEP AT A TIME. Your job is just to get clear on the very next step and to take that step. Then the next step will be shown to you, just like following the trail of cosmic breadcrumbs out of the proverbial forest. And if even figuring out that next step feels confusing and you feel stuck for many days in a row, please reach out, email me at jana@janacarrey.com, book an Intuitive Healing Session or a Flower Essence Alchemy Session with me!

All is well. All is Love. You are Love. You are Loved. And so it is.

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