Lions Gate Portal Energy Update: How Flower Essences Help you Activate Your DNA & More


Welcome to the August 2019 Lions Gate Portal Energy Update! The Lions Gate Portal opened in mid July and closes on August 12th, which is the official end of this year's eclipse season. The epicenter of this portal is Thursday 8/8. On this date (every year) there is unique astrological alignment of the Sirius Star System with Orion's belt, the Great Central Sun, Our Solar Systems’ Sun, Earth and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Ancient Egyptians were deeply connected to the Ascended Starsystem & Civilization of Sirius. In fact the Great Pyramids were all built on powerful Earth Energy Vortexes to be conduits and portals of energy connecting Earth and the Key Star Systems, they were literal STARGATES. (8/8 STARGATE ACTIVATE!)

The Lion's Gate Portal helps assist humanity into our next phase, aka 5D unity consciousness. This process is also called Ascension (I talked about Awakening versus Ascension in more detail in July’s Energy Update) and its important to remember that it is a vibratory shift in consciousness. You can be anywhere on Planet Earth and Ascend. In this new Heaven-on-Earth Paradigm (5D) life is centered on unconditional love = oneness. We are freed from the yo-yo-ing back in forth between polarity or duality (light versus dark, evil vs. good) which was a key part of the learning curve in 3D and 4D. In 5D, there is no competition, no hiding, no playing small, no hierarchies. We are all required and delight in sharing our light for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The Sirians are wise, ascended older brothers and sisters of Light and they are here to guide us NOW during Earth’s Ascension. Divine Feminine Ascended Master Isis, Hathor and Green Tara all are Sirians. The Lions Gate Portal helps us all to embody the Leonine traits of courage, strength and unapologetic self expression. (It is #LEOSEASON, after all). You can also call upon the beautiful white Lions of Sirius to support you in shining like the star that you are during this portal and moving forward. Connecting with Sirius and these beautiful Sirian Guides is much easier on and around 8/8 as the veils are much thinner.

As we close out the eclipse portal, this is a powerful time to let go of anything that is not serving our highest and best evolution, whether that’s toxic relationships, healing old trauma, or releasing the habits that block us from realizing our true life's purpose and shining our light in every moment of our lives.

Flower Essences are a profound yet very safe bio-energetic way to support yourself during this Ascension Portal and beyond. The Eclipse Essence Alchemy promotion gives you a generous discount on both my Customized Flower Essence Elixirs and my Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions. This is the last discounted promotion I will offer in 2019, so if it resonates with you please take advantage of it before this powerful portal closes. The Eclipse Essence Alchemy promotion ends in less than a week on Sunday August the 11th at 11:59 PST (this date was intentional) at the close of the Lions Gate Portal.

What is Flower Essence Alchemy? How does it help YOU with Awakening & Ascension?


Flower Essence Alchemy supports your holistic healing on all four levels of your being: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The aim of flower essence alchemy is to use customized formulas (ideally made by a licensed practitioner such as myself) to support you in releasing old limiting beliefs and conditioning so that you can make more empowered choices in all areas of your life. The deeper intention of flower essence alchemy is embodying the highest version of yourself (your Higher Self) living life fully in the present moment without old familial conditioning, ancestral trauma, viral programming or the wounded parts of yourself running the show.

The KEY to flower essences is that they help you to come more fully into your body and thus support the Awakening and Ascension process. Modern day Ascension is not about ESCAPING the body or leaving the body. Modern day Ascension involves continually upgrading and purifying the body so that we are able to embody our Higher Selves. (AKA the Soul lives in the body and runs the show NOT the Ego!) Ascension requires us to hold more LIGHT in our cells and activates our divine genome. Part of Ascension involves going from carbon-based 2 strand DNA to crystalline 12-strand DNA. All of our bodies / lightbodies are getting activated, healed, purged and purified in this process (mental, emotional, physical and beyond). All of our lifetimes are merging into one zero point field, which means we have the opportunity to heal NOT only the wounds of this lifetime BUT of all OUR PARALLEL LIVES. This can be really challenging at times especially for the physical body and can cause all sorts of bizarre, uncomfortable mental, emotional, physical symptoms which make you feel like you are dying or going crazy at times.

Cutting edge research is coming out showing that plant medicine (including flower essences) helps us reconfigure our DNA to the new 12-strand crystalline model. The deeper I go with flower essence alchemy, the more I am shown how the flowers and plants hold evolutionary ascension codes in their DNA that help us activate our DNA. Remember, Mother Earth is Ascending alongside us, which includes the plants and the flowers. Mother Earth gave us our bodies and she is continually sending us all guidance about how to integrate all the light codes flooding onto the planet. Flower essences alchemy is an invaluable tool for awakening and ascension especially during energetically activating times like this weeks powerful Lions Gate Portal. Flower essences are PURE MAGICK and they make the process of awakening and ascension so much easier, no matter where you are on your journey. I have witnessed countless clients, loved ones and friends benefit from flower essence alchemy support.

ALSO, flower essence alchemy is a gentle yet potent form of plant spirit medicine that you can easily integrate into your daily routine and your busy modern life. I REPEAT FLOWER ESSENCE ALCHEMY IS EASY TO INTEGRATE AND EASY ON YOUR BODY! Flower essences are much easier on your body than more intense or psychedelic forms of plant medicine (like Ayahuasca) that can often be much more difficult to integrate especially if you are already energetically sensitive and / or suffering from what I like to call “Lightworker Fatigue” and have blown out adrenals. One reason I love flower essences and stand behind them so whole-heartedly is because they have helped me and my clients to transform our lives (stay tuned for that upcoming blog post in two weeks) but in a way that never leaves me or my clients ungrounded and exhausted. I EVEN USE ESSENCES for clients who have done a lot of spiritual work (in rituals or on retreats or at festivals like Burning Man) and are having trouble integrating all that awakening back into their modern, daily lives.

There is no need to journey to an ashram in India or visit a shaman in Peru to receive the transformational benefits of the potent plant spirit medicine that is Flower Essence Alchemy. (Not that I am against traveling to sacred sites - if you have that opportunity! BEAUTIFUL!) However, sometimes the ego overlooks the simple tools and approaches that are right in front of us including the medicine of the abundant number of plants and flowers that surround us and our homes. REMEMBER, Mother Earth loves us so much and she is supporting us in an abundant number of ways.

I'll leave you with the words of one of my beautiful, wise mentorship clients has realized from working more deeply with flower essence alchemy, "Most of humankind is just now beginning to realize how everything we need to awaken and ascend are lovingly held in the plants, flowers, rocks, crystals, and hum of the earth." I could not agree more! If you feel the call to work more deeply with flower essence alchemy, now is the perfect time!

Eclipse Essence Alchemy Promotion


If you are interested in working more intentionally and therapeutically with flower essence alchemy, I would love to work with you. In honor of the transformative power of this eclipse portal, I am currently offering an Eclipse Essence Alchemy Promotion from now until Sunday August 11, 2019 (LESS THAN A WEEK) at the end of the Lions Gate Portal, I am offering a generous discount on both my Customized Flower Essence Elixirs and my Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions.

1) Customized Flower Essence Elixirs. If you are new to flower essences or new to working with Jana Carrey Healing, ordering a customized flower essence elixir is an easy way to get a taste of the medicine and the magick of working with the bio-energetic healing power of the flowers. When you order a customized flower essence elixir, you can start to receive the transformative effects of flower essence alchemy, with minimal commitment and investment. Click HERE for more info and to ORDER a Customized Flower Essence Elixir using the code ECLIPSEFREEDOM for $22 off from now until 8/11/19! Enter the code where it asks for Discount Code under Order Summary upon checking out with your shopping cart.

2) Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions. Flower Essence Alchemy sessions are a unique blend of flower essence therapy, intuitively channeled (psychic) guidance, depth psychology and quantum energy healing. These private channeled healing sessions take place over phone or Zoom, in the Virtual Elven Starseed™ Temple. After our flower essence alchemy session, you will receive your own customized flower essence elixir and directions for use throughout the next month. Click HERE for more info and to BOOK a Flower Essence Alchemy Session using the code ECLIPSEFREEDOM for $50 off from now until 8/11/19! Enter the code where it asks for Redeem Coupon before paying.

All is well. All is Love. You are Love. You are Loved. And so it is.

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