Flower Essence Therapy for Healing the Womb and Second Chakra

Flower Essence Therapy for Healing the Womb and Second Chakra (PART 2)

What is flower essence therapy? Flower essences are liquid, bio-energetic remedies derived from living flowers. Flower essences are made by encoding the energetic imprint of a flower or plant in water.  When you begin to work with a trained and certified practitioner, with the intention to use flower essences to heal, that is called flower essence therapy or alchemy.    

This is Part 2 of the Series on the Divine Feminine Art of Flower Essence Therapy: One of the Most Powerful Emotional Healing Tools on the Planet..  For a more clear understanding of this ancient practice, be sure to read part one of this series first.

How the Divine Feminine Art of Flower Essence Therapy helps Women to Heal the Womb & Second Chakra


One of my favorite ways to work with flower essence therapy is for second chakra support and to enhance reproductive, menstrual and sexual health.  I love introducing my clients to reclaiming the inherit power of their womb. This is part of why I trained and became licensed and certified as a flower essence practitioner myself.   

Flower essences provided the sustainable solution to healing my womb in a way that no other healing modality (western, eastern, alternative or otherwise) was able to truly get to the root of. Flower essences are a powerful bioenergetic healing modality that is here to support all women to heal the core wounds of the feminine.  


What is the Second Chakra?

First, it’s important to understand what the second chakra does for us. For starters, the word chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language that translates roughly to: “Wheels of Light”. Chakras are essentially circular vortexes of energy.  There are seven major chakras or energy centers located throughout our body, that manage the flow of life force energy (also known as Qi/Chi or Prana) in and out of the body.   

The seven major chakras are positioned along the central vertical axis of the body, beginning with the base or root chakra at the perineum and going up to the crown chakra at the top of the head.  The first three chakras are directly connected to survival, safety, abundance and personal power. 

The second chakra, directly above the root chakra, is called the sacral chakra.  Clairvoyants have seen its color as ranging from bright orange to bluish-orange to reddish-pinkish-orange. It’s located in the pubic / genital area of both men and women – what is also commonly referred to as the womb.  It is connected to the element of water and to the emotional body.  

The second chakra is connected to our ability to form healthy relationships, and it is also the primary energy center of our sexual and our creative power.  The ability to experience enjoyment, pleasure, connection, sensuality, creativity, fun and humor in life and relationships are all the gifts of a healthy, balanced second chakra.  


Balancing the Chakra System 

A healthy chakra system is characterized by the ability of each chakra to serve as a building block to support the next highest chakra.  When functioning properly, each chakra is vibrating at a high frequency, and is able to open or close as needed, in a healthy way, as it filters energy in response to the world around you.   

For example, a second chakra that is functioning in an optimal way will open when we feel emotionally safe to enable us to form healthy attachments to others. When we feel threatened or not at ease, the healthy second chakra will close, and we are able to discern that a person or situation is not for our highest good.  

Through patterns of conflict, abuse, trauma, betrayal or neglect a chakra will likely become compromised, becoming congested, blocked, damaged or staying too open/too closed.  We need to be able to open and draw in energy through the second chakra to receive and to feel nourished. When we don’t, we can easily feel depleted. We also need to be able to close down and prevent energy from leaking out of our second chakra, otherwise we can easily feel drained.  

What are Indications you may need Womb Healing and that your Second Chakra is out of Balance?

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How do you know if you are out of balance, and if flower essence therapy may be helpful to you?  On an emotional level, a compromised second chakra means that we are unable to create healthy and appropriate boundaries.  This makes it difficult or impossible to stand up for oneself and to know one’s limits.   

Feeling easily drained and continually depleted are also signs that your boundaries are leaky or lacking, and that your second chakra likely needs support. Generally, surviving some sort of betrayal or abuse (sexual, verbal, emotional) damages the second chakra and a person’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem is greatly affected.  

On a physical level, a compromised second chakra greatly affects a women’s reproductive and womb health.  This can mean fertility issues / infertility, PCOS, low or no libido, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (irregular periods), amenorrhea (no periods), painful periods, sexual intercourse that is painful, etc.  The large intestine and digestive health can also be affected.  

Flower Essence Therapy and the Importance of Healing Core Feminine Wounds 

What I have seen in my practice as a master intuitive healer and flower essence therapist is that most women alive on the planet right now are healing core wounds with the second chakra; either from their own childhood, from past-parallel lives and/or from inherited ancestral trauma.  Through the law of unity consciousness or the law of oneness, we all hold the core feminine wounds in our wombs. 

Collectively, we are healing the wounds of over thousands of years (eons!) of patriarchy and denigration of the sacred or divine feminine. The denigration of the sacred feminine can be evidenced through rape culture/consciousness, environment destruction, human trafficking, child abuse and so many other forms of global insanity that each of us came here to heal and put an end too by embodying our Highest Self in human form.   

The good news is that we are now at an evolutionary turning point, the great Awakening and Ascension into a new “Heaven-on-Earth” Golden Age Paradigm, where we are coming back into a healthy, respectful balance or union between the divine masculine and divine feminine. Mother Earth (Gaia) – the greatest mother we all share – has provided us an abundant arsenal of healing tools with flowers and plants, that are encapsulated within the sacred practice of flower essence therapy.   

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Flowers are the reproductive or sexual part of the plant and thus they hold multidimensional energetic intelligence which helps us to heal our own reproductive organs.   

This goes much deeper than basic reproductive biology, as flowers and plants hold sacred evolutionary healing codes and wisdom from billions of years on surviving and thriving on Earth.  When we use flower essence therapy, it teaches and empowers us from the inside out, helping us to remember that we also hold the sacred keys and codes to healing within our own bodies and beings as well.   

Through the laws of oneness, as each individual woman heals her womb, she adds to the collective tipping point, that helps all of humanity to heal.  Additionally, as all of our bodies are a microcosm of Mother Earth, as we heal our wombs and bodies, we also help to heal mother earth.  Flower essence therapy is a powerful bioenergetic healing modality that is here to support all women to heal the core wounds of the feminine.  

Important Notes 

Please note: If you decide to use flower essences to support your healing journey, and you have a history of trauma, abuse or rape, it is highly advised that you do not do this healing work on your own.  It is best to find a licensed and certified flower essence practitioner who can help you practice safely, and who also has a background in psychology, somatic therapy and/or trauma therapy.   Also, certain flower essences that heal the womb are releasing in nature and may not be indicated or safe for women who are currently pregnant or nursing.  Please consult a licensed and certified flower essence practitioner for support.  

If you are interested in working more intentionally and therapeutically with flower essence therapy to heal your womb, I would love to work with you!  If you desire healing with this potent yet gentle form of botanical medicine, then my Customized Flower Essence Elixirs, Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions and Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorships are three beautiful ways to experience the healing power of the flowers, each service in that list goes a bit deeper than the one before it.  You can go to the Jana Carrey Healing website to learn more about working together. You can also e-mail help@janacarrey.com with any questions about working therapeutically with flower essences, with booking a session and ordering an essence.

All is well. All is Love. You are Love. You are Loved. And so it is.

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