On Balance: Fall Equinox Energy Update & Libra Season Ritual

On Balance: Fall Equinox Energy Update & Libra Season Ritual

Today (September 23rd) we are in the Equinox Portal, honoring the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equinox is a beautiful point of balance felt globally, as the days are balanced between equal hours of light and dark, sun and moon, day and night in both hemispheres. In Western Astrology, today (9/23) we also transition from Virgo into Libra, Libra is the Cardinal Air sign with the archetypal symbol of the scales of balance.

What I love about astrology is that it consists of archetypes. As someone with a background and training in depth psychology and who also spent many years working as an artist, I find archetypes to be incredibly helpful ways of understanding our place in the world. The simplest ways to think about archetypes are universally known symbols or metaphors that represent energy patterns or ways of being - that are understood throughout all cultures and are often replicated in our lives, mythology, art, music and literature. For example, "Mother, Father, Daughter and Son" are archetypes, "Teacher, Healer, Artist " are also archetypes and each one of the Western Astrological star signs are represented by archetypes or symbols.

The Western Astrological Zodiac breaks the year into 12 star signs, each that span about a month, and that are connected to the prominent symbols that the stars or constellations make during that time of the year. (This is a very high level and simplified overview of western astrology). There are 4 signs in Air, 4 signs in Water, 4 signs in Earth and 4 signs in Fire. Air, Water, Earth and Fire are elements and each element has its own unique energy pattern - the element of fire works very differently then the element of water - however the 4 elements together all balance one another out. Earth, Air, Fire, Water are also the basic elements of alchemy, which is also at the basis of the work I do with clients and when I make my flower essences- which at its core it about personal alchemy and transformation.

Regardless of what sign you were born under (often called your "Sun Sign") we all have the opportunity (should we choose to tune into that level of consciousness) to experience the various energetic patterns or archetypes represented by each one of the 12 star signs that are currently" in season. To reiterate this point, today we transition into Libra season, representing the archetype of the scales of balance. We also are in the Equinox transitioning from Summer to Fall (or Winter to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) which is also the balancing point between the light and the dark. Making this portal (the next few days / this week) a great time to look at the theme of balance within your life as a whole. The point of balance is not that we are to be like a still statue frozen in time finding some fantasy place of perfect balance and then holding that place for all eternity. (Trust me that fantasy is very real in the collective, so you if you find yourself desiring to get to that fantasy place of balance you are not alone).

Modern day living throws so much at us and in many different areas of our life: Health & wellness, family, romantic relationship, community and friend relationships, home, creativity / sexuality, spirituality/ religion, money, play / recreation, work / career. I find it much more useful or helpful to think of balance as a constant dance with life. That we are all like the archtypes of Shiva and Durga, dancing through life with our multidimensional arms in each one of these areas. Sometimes the reality of life is that we have to put less focus on one area for a bit to put more attention on another, for example we may need to put more energy to work and career and less into romantic relationships, at other points life may require we put more energy and attention into our health and less energy into our community life and friendships. Balance is an ongoing dance, there is no right or wrong here. What feels in balance to YOU, may feel totally out of balance to someone else. But do remember that, "energy flows where attention goes." This is the basis behind the idea of intention setting.


Simple Equinox Ritual & Practical Exercise for Balance:

I invite you to take a little time (even 20-30 minutes) during this next week to sit with yourself in quiet, meditative, ritual space and check in with yourself about balance. Invite your Higher Self and your Spirit Guide Team (you can call on the El or the Elven Starseed Council to help you if you are unsure of who your guides are, I am happy to lend my team and they are happy to serve you too) to help keep you honest and in a space of love and compassion with your self. This is not an exercise to judge or to criticize oneself, but to really examine your life balance as it is right now as authentically as possible and from a space of curiosity and openness. The name of the game is to have your Higher Self help you to see where things may feel or be out of balance in your life RIGHT NOW, not how life used to be 6 months ago or your idealized vision of life, but your life as it is RIGHT NOW. You can even do this ritual with a close friend, a beloved partner or even as part of a womens group or Moon circle. You can light candles, brew a cup of your favorite nourishing tea, pull a few oracle cards to prepare and include whatever elements help to signify that you are entering into “ritual space and time” to you and your psyche / soul.

Then sit down and journal and ponder the following questions:

1) What areas in your life may you have been neglecting and may need more of your love, focus and attention?

2) What areas of your life have you been too focused on (or even hyper-focused on) and can you use to pull back from or perhaps even surrender some of the details to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and God to take care of for you.

3a) Then on a sheet of white paper or in your journal make a list of these following categories: health & wellness, family, romantic relationship, community and friend relationships, home, creativity / sexuality, spirituality/ religion, money, play / recreation, work / career and rate each one on a scale of 1 - 10.

3b) Just having a number for each area of life can help you see where you may be out of balance. If one area has a 10 and another has a 1, you know that the area with a 1 needs some more loving attention. Another helpful way to think of this is that the areas that have a score between 1-5 that need a bit more of your attention and the areas that have a 6- 10 may require you pull back from them a bit, in order to achieve more balance.

Questions 1 and 2 help you to look at a balance from a more feminine, intuitive perspective and Question 3a and 3b is an exercise to help you look at balance from a more masculine, linear perspective. So this entire ritual in it of itself is designed to be balanced.

As you take a sacred pause to become more of aware of what is going on in your life RIGHT NOW, with the loving assistance of your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides, you can then course correct, re-prioritize and set the intention to bring more balance into your life during this next season. And if you do not know how to find more balance on your own, that is ok! Let the Universe / God / Your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides KNOW! Ask / pray that they help you to find more balance in your life, that they show you the necessary steps to take to find more balance (one at a time please!) and that if needed that they bring the necessary people/ professionals / resources to help you with areas that you can't seem to get into balance on your own!

If you'd like to share what you discovered doing this exercise, please reach out and let me know, you can e-mail me at jana@janacarrey.com or comment in the comment section at the bottom of this blog post!

Have a beautiful Fall / Spring Equinox and may you come into even greater balance this season!

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