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Flower Essences are liquid, energetic herbal remedies derived from living flowers and plants. Just as every human has a unique spirit or essence, the same is true for every plant, flower, tree and crystal. When you take a flower essence you are receiving assistance from the spirit of the plant itself. 

Flower essences are a potent and sustainable form of botanical medicine that have been around for centuries and are now gaining in popularity for good reason. They can be used alongside any other healing modality with no contraindications. They are so safe you can give them to plants, animals and even babies.


Having a flower essence elixir customized for you is literally akin to ordering a transformation in a bottle.

Flower Essences are masters at helping us heal at the emotional level, however they can also assist with creating healthier boundaries, energetic hygiene + protection, grounding and integration after going through powerful spiritual awakenings, clearing limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral karma, bolstering confidence and self-worth, enhancing creativity, healing trauma and so much more.

How does it get any better than that? If you are new to flower essences or new to working with Jana Carrey Healing™, ordering a customized flower essence elixir is an easy way to get a taste of the medicine and the magick of working with the bio-energetic healing power of the flowers. When you order a customized flower essence elixir, you can start to receive the transformative effects of flower essence therapy, with minimal commitment and investment.

“Working with Jana has been clear, powerful, empowering, unique and magical. My first intuitive session was with Jana and I felt so held, guided and supported during the process. She has such a strong and powerful gift and is truly a clear channel and guide. She creates a safe, sacred, ritualistic container that allows for the natural flow of the divine to move through her. I have experienced transformational shifts after working with her; stronger connections to my higher self and to my guides as well as to my true divine essence. My work with her flower essences has also helped me ground, center and integrate experiences that I have been going through. With each customized flower essence I take, I feel a deeper intuitive relationship with myself, cultivated feelings of earth grounding, and abundance transpiring through my fairy magic ways! Jana has been such a blessing to this life and I am so grateful for her magical work and guidance. Thank you Jana!”

-Emma Patrick, Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Guide, Santa Barbara, CA


The flower, plant and crystal essences I make with the guidance of the Elven Starseed Council™ is an alchemical art of its own. When you order your 1 oz elixir, you will be directed to fill out a short questionnaire about what you most need support with. Then, I use a combination of channeling, intuition and deduction to make your unique formula. Based on your needs, the customized elixirs I make for you may include a combination of flower, plant, tree or crystal gem essences. Your essence will last you at least a full month and will come with an e-mailed report that includes directions for use and additional information about the medicine of each flower, plant or crystal gem included in your essence, for your education, healing and empowerment.

I work with my own Elven Starseed Apothecary™ essences, which are made in a sacred ritual with the Elven Starseed Council™ using high frequency water and in accordance with specific moon and astrological cycles to create beautifully healing alchemical essences. I only work with flower essence lines and companies that I know are of the highest integrity, both on a spiritual and practical level.

Service Includes

△ A thorough review of your intake form, which includes me sitting in sacred session with the Elven Starseed Council™ to channel and create your unique Flower Essence Elixir formula

△ The physical creation, blessing and packing of your 1 oz (30 ml) customized Flower Essence Elixir, which is then mailed to you (international orders are accepted!)

△ Emailed energetic report, filled with specific guidance about the plant & flower medicine in your bespoke formula and directions for how to work with your formula

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Your customized essence will be made and shipped within 5-7 business days after ordering!

If you have any additional questions about ordering your customized elixir, please contact us at jana@janacarrey.com!