Empowering YOU to EMBODY your divine feminine essence through intuitive Channeled guidance, flower essence Alchemy, depth psychology & quantum energy healing.

  • Are you an intuitive guide, psychic channel or earth angel who is ready to come out of hiding and use your spiritual gifts to serve others, in a way that is clear and coherent, without feeling drained or overwhelmed?

  • Are you a woman who has suffered trauma, neglect or abuse in your life and are wanting to heal your core wounds so that you feel safe to be in your body and safe to be YOURSELF in the world?

  • Are you a highly sensitive empath who is looking for a way to honor your own boundaries and self-worth without carrying the suffering of the world?

  • Are you a visionary artist or creative entrepreneur who is feeling stuck and desires to break through limiting beliefs to birth the next phase of your business or creative project?

  • Are you a mother or mother-to-be looking for a way to balance parenting responsibilities alongside growing your career or business in a way that is empowering and not exhausting?

  • Are you ready to step into the TRUE POWER of your unique and authentic divine feminine essence to help birth and co-create a new golden age paradigm?

  • If you answered YES to any of the above questions, than I am inviting you to read more about the Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship program….

There IS A divine Feminine Movement Sweeping the Planet Right now.

The World NeeDS you Fully Activated, Empowered & Shining Your Soul’s Diamond LIght With Grace & Without Apology!

THERE IS NO MORE TIME for hiding out, spiritual bypassing and Staying Stuck in limitING beliefs That Have you turning away from YOUR Power.

  We Invite you to say “YES” to Embodying Your AUTHENTIC & UNIQUE DIVINE Feminine ESSENCE!

“ In the year or so before I reached out to Jana, I’d been feeling a sense of needing to dig a little deeper into my spiritual practice. I felt like I needed an upgrade. It’s not easy to put into words what I’d been feeling - a kind of ungroundedness and out of sorts feeling, a bit ‘meh,’ spiritually and in life in general. I also felt my creative life/work wasn’t where I wanted it to be; it had felt like a struggle and there was a lot of frustration around that. I’ve been lucky to work with wonderful healers and spiritual teachers and I am blessed to have a handful of them to connect with when I need to. This time, though, none of them seemed to be the right fit for this particular time in my life. I found that surprising, but I trusted that I needed to keep looking. As is my usual practice, I asked the universe for some assistance. And boy, did she deliver!

My connection with Jana was divinely ordained. And I mean that in every sense of the word! In early January 2019, I found Jana’s business card in the pocket of a (brand new!) coat I’d ordered online. YES! You read that right, I found Jana’s business card in a brand new coat I ordered online! I mean, talk about divine timing, synchronicity & clarity. I knew from the get-go that Jana and I were meant to work together. I had no doubts about that whatsoever. What I found when I connected with Jana was a deep and kind soul, who offered me love and support right from the start. I felt deeply seen and heard from the first moment we met to talk on the Discovery Call and throughout our entire mentorship journey together. 

I recently completed the Divine Feminine Alchemy Archangel Way VIP Mentorship with Jana, and it was a powerful journey. And because it just ended, I know the transformation is still underway, as I continue to process and integrate the work we did together.

I came to the mentorship with a general feeling of wanting to feel more grounded in my real life and to investigate what the ungroundedness was all about. Jana was great at helping me see that clearly and understand what might be at play on multiple levels. She was also really adept at guiding me to what I might be missing or offering a perspective that might expand or shift my view on something going on in my life. Jana helped me see and understand that my spiritual ‘work’ and creative work are linked. I had some inclination of this before, but it became crystal clear while working with Jana. It was a real ‘Aha’ moment! 

I began to experience those ‘Aha’ moments right from the start - and I continue to get them as I review our session recordings. Each sacred mentorship session offered such amazing insights, as well as support for integrating and shifting. The work we did was inspiring and challenging. Jana has helped me see myself and my life purpose more clearly. She has given me the tools to integrate my creative and spiritual life, and to take them to the next level, on a soul and professional level. She has taught me how to heal and activate the divine feminine in me as a source for my purpose and fuel for my work. 

These few words will do little to truly capture her gifts and my experience of the mentorship journey. 

I am forever blessed and grateful for this time we had together and for the innumerous gifts and wisdom I experienced and will no doubt continue to receive from my Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship journey with Jana.

If you feel called to work with Jana, do not hesitate! Do it!”

-        B.R. || Writer & Professor || New York, New York

Katrina photo_testimonial.jpg

“It is challenging to find the mere words to express all that I experienced and received through my Divine Feminine Alchemy mentorship with Jana.  So so much was re-connected, re-discovered, re-membered, revealed in such a short period of time. Jana helped me to return to the purity of my vision, my soul calling, my Self. Jana has an incredible gift of SEE-ing what it is that needs to be unveiled and seen. I gained such clarity in our sessions. Clarity that Jana mentored me to gain from within myself.  And her flower essences! Whoa!  They are so magick-filled and potent!  Every single time I took the bottles in my hands to take them, I felt their energy and essence so palpably and powerfully. Their effect was instant, obvious and magnificent.  Jana is an absolute Flower Power Priestess.  I am infinitely grateful to have journeyed with Jana in this mentorship and will definitely work with her again in the future.”

- Katrina Smith || Founder of "Heart & Hands" Creations & Healing || Queensland, Australia




Noun: al·che·my \ˈal-kə-mē\

1.  An ancient art, chemical science and speculative philosophy aimed to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, the reclamation of wholeness, and a means of indefinitely prolonging life

2.  a powerful transmutation process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious and magical way 

3. the process of emotional healing and transformation I mentor my clients in, along with the guidance of the Elven Starseed Council™ and many Ascended Masters, Archangels, & Sacred Plant Angels.

I call this mentorship Divine Feminine Alchemy because the women I work with experience deep transformation. They learn to reparent their inner child(ren) and in the process reclaim the creative genius and spiritual gifts that are their divine birthright. They heal from old wounds, addictions and traumas. They become pregnant after years of infertility. They experience more ease with their menstrual cycles. They launch new visionary projects and take their businesses to the next level. They make miraculous progress with healing chronic illnesses. They leave unhealthy relationships and call in more nurturing partnerships. They make career changes that are in alignment with their Higher Self. They welcome in new streams of abundance that come from a deep place of self-worth. They become more confident in hearing and channeling their intuitive guidance and making miracles with their own team of Spirit Guides. And the list goes on…. Most importantly, they make quantum leaps in reclaiming more of their OWN sovereign power and embodying their authentic divine feminine essence, which is so needed in the world right now.

Jess R image.jpeg

"I mentored with Jana as part of her Divine Feminine Alchemy mentorship until July 2018. Our work together has been immensely transformational and I whole heartedly recommend her services for others who are seeking to embody more of their soul truth and divine essence. Jana was so completely compassionate and fully present in each and every session. Her ability to hold space and create a safe container were so helpful in my ability to fully open up, speak what was on my heart and get vulnerable in my truth. Her ability to tap into the core of the matter was exactly what I needed. There were many times I came into the sessions not really sure what was wanting to come forward, yet they always unfolded perfectly and Jana was able to bring forward information or initiate conversation that opened doorways to deeper healing and understanding. I can’t tell you how many times I would say wow! This makes so much sense, but I had no idea I was holding on to or operating from that space. Working with Jana is SOUL work, it takes you deep into what truly matters, and how to stand more fully in sovereignty. 

I contacted Jana at a time of inner struggle and felt there was deep healing that needed to happen. I didn’t trust life, and I was living with depression and anxiety. We worked together for the next year and it was through this process I began to realize we don’t need to heal alone, our feelings and emotions are real and valid, but it’s also ok to let them go. In the span of the year Jana helped me understand and implement boundaries in my life for probably the first time ever. It was through this process I began to unravel so many emotions and beliefs, many weren’t even my own. I am not the same person I was a year ago, I gained confidence in my mission and in trusting the unknown yet divinely unfolding path ahead of me. 

Although our work together was illuminating and incredible, it didn’t always feel like love light and rainbows in learning to walk the sovereign path, and embody more of my soul essence. It was full of grief and a lot of walking away from what was no longer serving me. Jana helped me to look at where I wasn’t living with authenticity and realize I was the only one who could change that.  Through all the crazy and intense transformation that was this past year Jana was there as a steady guide, helping me to hold accountability. Through our sessions she did profound energy work, and assistance in the emotional unraveling. She met me where I was at and was real with me. I can say through the hard work of showing up and facing the discomforts with the loving support and assistance of Jana, there is a whole lot more love, light and rainbows I’ve been able to CREATE and call into my life as I've been able to rekindle my relationship with JOY! Working with Jana has taught me how powerful I truly am in my ability to CREATE, and the key is aligning this power with the wellspring of love and passion that resides within. It seems to me this is at the heart of embodying my divine feminine essence.

I am so grateful for Jana and the work we were able to do together. I will always hold the year we worked together close to my heart. I can’t say thank you enough. THANK YOU, JANA! "

- Jessica Rasmussen || Intuitive Artist & Creative, BSW Student & Mother || Johnstown, CO

The Divine feminine alchemy mentorship is as unique as YOU are. 

Within the fiercely loving and compassionate container of our mentorship, you are empowered to transmute your challenging emotions and life’s difficult initiations into an abundance of spiritual GOLD. The Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship is a three month commitment, as mentoring together for three months (the holy trinity) allows for us to journey through a sacred evolutionary arc together enabling you to make significant shifts in your life in a powerful and loving way. There are two beautiful ways to walk the Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship journey: the Angel Way or the VIP Archangel Way ….

What “the Angel WAY” mentorship program includes:

  • Once a month we'll meet in the Virtual Elven Starseed™ Temple for a private 90-minute mentorship session either on the phone or on Zoom. During our first call we establish the Multidimensional Mentorship Matrix, whereby my Higher Self will begin communing with your Higher Self. This multidimensional tracking and coaching will continue throughout the entirety of our mentorship together.

  • Each session begins with a powerful opening guided prayer and an invocation that guides us safely into our Virtual Temple. The session itself will include a combination of channeled multidimensional messages from the Elven Starseed™ Council along with your Higher Self, practical spiritual coaching and depth-psychologically informed counseling. As I am guided, I will bring through quantum energy work to assist you in reclaiming aspects of your soul whilst clearing outdated beliefs, societal conditioning and ancestral karmic patterns. Each sacred session is unique and honors the authentic unfolding of your individual healing journey (as directed by your Higher Self).

  • During the session you will receive fun and nourishing homeplay practices to add to your spiritual self care tool kit.

  • Following each session you will receive a customized flower, plant and/or gem essence elixir in the mail to support your healing journey until our next session. All shipping & handling fees are included (international too!)

  • Each customized elixir will come with specific guidance about the plant & flower medicine in your bespoke formula as well as directions for use.

  • Additional email support is available M-F, during business hours for questions or concerns that may arise in-between calls.

  • At the end of our third month together, we will check in during a laser-focused sacred session to celebrate all the ways in which you have transformed and map out your next practical, clear action steps for moving forward in your life.

WHAT The VIP Archangel MEntorship Program Includes:

  • Everything listed above as part of the Angel Way Mentorship Program. As well as…

  • We will meet in the Virtual Elven Starseed™ Temple for TWO private 90-minute mentorship sessions a month. Mentoring together twice a month allows us to fast-track our journey together. During this time you will make significant progress and quantum leaps in healing core wounds, clearing viral programming and limiting beliefs on the personal, familial, ancestral and collective levels. As you clear viral programming and limiting beliefs, you literally have more internal space within for your true divine light to shine forth into the world. This leaves us with more time and space to assist you in honing your unique intuitive, spiritual and creative gifts that are encoded in your divine genome and that are so desperately needed on the planet right now.

  • At the end of our third month together, I will make you a Higher Self Encoded Essence, using Ancient Elven Lemurian Water Priestess Alchemy. I am one of the few practitioners on the planet right now who makes Higher Self Encoded Essences. Having this encoded essence is a priceless treasure of support for your divine feminine embodiment-ascension journey, it contains your own unique diamond light and will guide you through any dark night of the soul or difficult initiatory phase. It will enhance your ability to tap into your intuitive gifts and spiritual jedi powers, in any circumstance.

  • In addition to your Higher Self Encoded Essence, you will receive a channeled transcription from your Higher Self which will include wisdom, gnosis and insights from your Oversoul that was garnered from your other parallel lifetimes. This informational channeled transcription is paramount in helping you to embody your unique divine feminine soul’s essence and for moving forward in this epic lifetime in very masterful and empowered ways.

If you are feeling called to this mentorship program, the next step is to schedule a discovery call.


Intuitively Channeled Guidance

When I open my “channel” to Source Consciousness, I am primarily connecting with my Higher Self who is in direct communication with your Higher Self, the Elven Starseed Council™ and your unconditionally loving Spirit Guides, which allows me to receive information for your Highest Good. As a professional oracular channel, I am able to translate the information I receive into clear, compassionate and coherent guidance to assist you in taking action in a practical and grounded way.

Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing is my own unique way of conducting energy healing by working directly with the quantum energy field that connects all of life, beyond space or time. This means that you can receive healing in the past, present and future. Quantum Energy Healing includes healing with light (via the use of color transmissions), sacred geometry and through elemental alchemy (fire, earth, water, air). When I conduct quantum energy healings for you, I bring through my Angelic healing energy along with the assistance of many unconditionally loving Ascended Masters, Archangels and Plant Spirits.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are literally transformation in a bottle.

Flower Essences are liquid, energetic herbal remedies derived from living flowers and plants. Just as every human has a unique spirit or essence, the same is true for every plant, flower, tree and crystal. When you take a flower essence you are receiving assistance from the spirit of the plant itself. 

Flower Essences are completely safe and there are no contraindications in taking them. They can be used alongside any other medications, herbs or supplements you are taking.

Flower essences are a subtle enough form of plant spirit medicine that you can easily integrate into your daily routine, there is no need to journey to an ashram in India or visit a shaman in Peru to receive the benefits of the power of the flowers!  

The flower essence blends I make with the guidance of the Elven Starseed Council™ is an alchemical art of its own, the flower essence alchemy elixirs I customize for my clients work much more profoundly than just  going to the store and taking “Rescue Remedy” when you feel stressed.

Dheepa N.jpg

“If you are ready to embody your sovereign divine power, I so highly recommend the Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship as a powerful and life-transforming programme with Jana. Through a series of beautiful synchronicities I was led to Jana’s Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship programme. I knew I was a YES immediately as I was just beginning my own mentoring business and initially thought Jana’s programme will support me as a Mentor. Little did I know I was entering a cauldron for deep personal transformation. In this cauldron, I felt I was catapulted towards a more expansive understanding of my ascension journey. Jana’s intuition and loving invitation to truly challenge my attachments and fears were so spot on. All that was unfolding was certainly supporting my own journey as a Mentor to my clients, but even more so, my journey toward trusting myself as a Divine Being in human form. Additionally, the flower essence formulas she would intuitively make after each of my sessions were such powerful magic potions. I felt each drop of the essence has made an ocean of difference for grounding this level of unfolding in my body! Also, I just received my Higher Self Encoded Essence and Transcript. Receiving the transcript set me off on an accelerated death-rebirth journey that I now am ready to fully absorb into Being, the magic of my Higher Self essence. Jana is one of a kind. I will continue working with Jana and look forward to my unfolding and Becoming in this ongoing alchemical process. Thank you so much Jana.”

- Dheepa Nedungat || Divine Feminine Mentor, Artist & Mother || Auckland, New Zealand

"The Angel WAY" Mentorship Package Includes:

△ Three sacred 90 minute mentorship sessions & optional session recordings
△ Three potent 30ml customized flower essence formulas mailed to you (international shipping & handling included)
△ Email support during business hours, M - F
△ Additional specialized tools, rituals and practices to support your journey
△ Four months of continuous multidimensional tracking, mentoring and coaching from my Higher Self & the Elven Starseed Council™ in collaboration with your Higher Self & Spirit Guide Council
△ A final 60-minute wrap up call that includes clear, coherent action items and practical next steps moving for forward, after the transformative journey of our mentorship

Your Total Investment for "The ANGEL WAY" 4-month Mentorship:


Empowerment payment plans available:

$488 for 2 months, $333 a month for 3 months or $255 for 4 months

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 3.50.26 PM.png

"The VIP ARCHANGEL WAY" Mentorship Package Includes:

△ Six sacred 90-minute mentorship sessions & optional session recordings
△ Three potent 30ml customized flower essence formulas (international shipping & handling included)
△ 1 Higher Self Encoded Essence + Channeled Transcription(international shipping & handling included)
△ Email support during business hours, M - F
△ Additional specialized tools, rituals and practices to support your journey
△ Four months of continuous multidimensional tracking, mentoring and coaching from my Higher Self & the Elven Starseed Council™ in collaboration with your Higher Self & Spirit Guide Council
△ A final 60-minute wrap up call that includes clear, coherent action items and practical next steps moving for forward, after the transformative journey of our mentorship

Your Total Investment for "THE VIP ARCHANGEL WAY" 4-month Mentorship:


Empowerment payment plans available:

$955 for 2 months, $655 a month for 3 months or $500 for 4 months

If you are feeling called to this mentorship program, the next step is to schedule a discovery call.

For any additional questions about this mentorship program you can email me jana@janacarrey.com.

Stepping into more of who you truly are is a revolutionary act! 

Mentoring with the Elven Starseed Council™ and Jana Carrey Healing™ is a multidimensional healing and empowerment journey. Although we bring a lot of joy, humor and play into our sessions, the work does go deep and will catalyze change and transformation in your life. The time is NOW for embodying more of your divine feminine essence!

YouR Life Is Worth It. You are worth It.