DEmystifing Intuitive Channeling: Listen To Jana’s Interview With Karen HAger on Out of the Fog Radio

Join Jana Carrey, the Elven Starseed Oracle™ as we discuss how channeling is the most advanced form of communication on the planet right now. Jana shares practical tools for opening your own channel to receive the wisdom of your Higher Self and Spirit Guides as well as simple tips for refining your intuition.


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Jana Carrey Healing is a regular writer and contributor on the Saged Mobile App, where she shares divine feminine wisdom teachings, channeled energy updates, sacred rituals and flower essence education. Saged is in alignment with Jana’s mission of bringing Ancient Alchemy to Modern Women in a practical, down-to-earth way.

Saged is the mobile platform delivering divine feminine content to help people create a more grounded balanced life. You can download the Saged App for FREE today for a daily flow of tools and wisdom from Jana and other empowering wisdom keepers, teachers, healers, astrologers, lightworkers and more. 

Read Jana's article, part of the Plant Medicine & the Muse interview series hosted by Emma Elizabeth of Matrix of Amara healing.

The Plant Medicine + The Muse is an interview series exploring the lives of creative visionaries + the medicine that inspires them, hosted by Emma Elizabeth of Matrix of Amara Healing. In this written interview, Jana explores themes such as sacred plant medicine, alternative perspectives on depression, the pain of losing a twin flame, healing grief through art and the creative process, chronic illness as an underworld initiation, walking the Earth Priestess Path and more!

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WElcome to the Play Paradigm: CHeck Out Jana's interview with Intuitive Guide Karen Hager on Out of the Fog Radio

 Join Jana Carrey, the Elven Starseed Oracle™, as we discuss the importance of embracing and embodying the energetics of play and fun. We will explore how healing trauma enhances our relationship with our inner child, helps us break our addiction to suffering and allows us to create a more magical life. To pray and to play everyday is the Elven Starseed Way™!