Empowering YOU to EMBODY your divine feminine essence through intuitive guidance, flower essence therapy, depth psychology & quantum energy healing.


  • Are you an intuitive guide or psychic channel who is ready to come out of hiding and use your spiritual gifts to serve others in a way that is clear and coherent, without feeling drained or overwhelmed?
  • Are you a woman who has suffered trauma or abuse in your life and are wanting to heal your core wounds so that you feel safe to be in your body and safe to be in the world?
  • Are you a highly sensitive empath who is looking for a way to honor your own boundaries and self-worth without carrying the suffering of the world?
  • Are you a visionary artist or creative entrepreneur who is feeling stuck and desires to break through limiting beliefs to birth the next phase of your business or creative project? 
  • Are you a mother looking for a way to balance parenting responsibilities alongside growing your career or business in a way that is empowering and not exhausting?

"Jana. Is. Magic. She is clear, empowering, compassionate, and FUN to work (play) with as a soul guide and mentor.  She is a magnificent, intuitive guide who truly offers compassionate and wise council. She is a beautiful soul who has her uniquely positioned finger on the pulse of alchemy, soul growth, Divine Feminine Revolution and truth. Part psychic vision, part energy support, part compassionate council = Jana.

 Her gifts are vast. She is many things. A safe harbor. An intuitive mirror. A soft bed of grass for you to lay your aching heart upon. A Seeing One. An Oracle of Light. She like so many wise women, will help you see in the dark. We all need a helpful flashlight every now and again. You MUST work with her to understand how magical and wonderful she is!

I worked with Jana last year inside her Feminine Essence Alchemy Mentorship program. I experienced profound shifts and changes after each session spent together! Her relationship with plant magic and flowers is a beautiful layer that deepens and intensifies the spiritual soul work that is done together. I hold gems in my hands today that I did not know how to hold prior to our work together. Imagine what jewels and gems you might find waiting inside the dark of your cave. Ask Jana for help and she will guide you there. You MUST work with her to understand how magical and wonderful she is! "

Brianne Farry, Mystic Mother Teacher, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

“I am finding it challenging to find the mere words to express all that I experienced and received through my Feminine Essence Alchemy mentorship with Jana.  So so much was re-connected, re-discovered, re-membered, revealed in such a short period of time.  Jana helped me to return to the purity of my vision, my soul calling, my Self.  Jana has an incredible gift of SEE-ing what it is that needs to be unveiled and seen.  I gained such clarity in our sessions.   Clarity that Jana mentored me to gain from within myself.  And her flower essences!  Whoa!  They are so so magick-filled and potent!  Every single time I took the bottles in my hand to take them, I felt their energy and essence so palpably and powerfully.  Their effect was instant and obvious and magnificent.  Jana is an absolute Flower Power Priestess.  I am infinitely grateful to have journeyed with Jana in this mentorship and will definitely be working with her again in the near future.  Amazing-ness!”

- Katrina Smith, Creatress, Heart & Hands – Creations and Healing, Queensland, Australia



Noun: al·che·my \ˈal-kə-mē\

1.  An ancient art, chemical science and speculative philosophy aimed to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, the reclamation of wholeness, and a means of indefinitely prolonging life

2.  a powerful transmutation process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious and magical way 

3. the process of emotional healing and transformation I mentor my clients in, along with the guidance of the Elven Starseed Council and many Ascended Master, Archangel, & Sacred Plant Allies

I call this mentorship Feminine Essence Alchemy because the women I work with experience deep transformation. They learn to reparent their inner child(ren) and in the process reclaim the creative genius and spiritual gifts that are their divine birthright. They heal from old wounds, addictions and traumas. They become pregnant after years of infertility. They experience more ease with their menstrual cycles. They launch new visionary projects and businesses into the world. They make miraculous progress with healing chronic illnesses. They leave unhealthy relationships and call in more nurturing partnerships. They make career changes that are in alignment with their Higher Self. They welcome in new streams of abundance. They become more confident in hearing and channeling their intuitive guidance and working with their own team of Spirit Guides. And the list goes on…. Most importantly, they make quantum leaps in reclaiming more of their OWN power and embodying their authentic divine feminine essence.

Jana and I have worked together for over a year. Our sessions are always powerful for shifting my energy and perspective, and for empowering me to make choices and adjustments in my life that I know will serve me better. I value Jana's unique blend of healing and coaching because she walks her talk and it radiates from her! She is a deeply compassionate mentor and wise listener. She positively shines as an example of what it means to live an ever-evolving, creative, and playful life. I feel more empowered, light and alive after every session. As someone who tends to be really hard on myself, Jana inspires me to love myself more in those challenging moments instead. As a highly sensitive and empathic person, it's such a relief to have someone who understands those gifts and knows how to find the magic there!

Jana's intuition and her way of asking questions always brings me astounding clarity. Through our mentorship sessions, I've tapped a sense of my own authentic truth and my own inner compass about who I am and what I'm doing in the world.

The results have been profound in all areas of my life: I'm more honest with myself and have a better sense of my own energy versus what may have been familial or societal conditioning. This helps me to be clearer on what I want and don't want, I am eating healthier and taking better care of myself, my relationship with my husband is flourishing and growing in amazing ways, and my work-creative life feels more aligned, balanced and fulfilling. I feel more grounded, centered and "on purpose" than I did before. I have more tools to work with the curveballs life throws. Most significantly, my ideas about what is possible for my life keeps expanding and growing! I am truly inspired by this woman and what has blossomed from our work together.”

- Alex Mart, Creative Entrepreneur + Aromatherapy Mixologist, Berkeley, CA

The feminine essence alchemy mentorship is as unique as YOU are. 

Within the fiercely loving and compassionate container of our mentorship, you are empowered to transmute your challenging emotions and life’s difficult initiations into an abundance of spiritual GOLD. 

What your mentorship program includes:

Mentoring together for four months is a powerful way to experience significant shifts...

  • Once a month we'll meet in the Virtual Elven Starseed Temple and have a private mentorship session on phone or Skype. During our first call we establish the multidimensional mentorship matrix, whereby my Higher Self will begin communing with your Higher Self. This multidimensional tracking and coaching will continue throughout the entirety of our mentorship together.
  • Each session begins with a powerful opening guided prayer and an invocation that guides us safely into our Virtual Temple. The session itself will include a combination of channeled multidimensional messages from the Elven Starseed Council along with your Higher Self, practical spiritual coaching and depth-psychologically informed counseling. As I am guided, I will bring through quantum energy work to assist you in reclaiming aspects of your soul whilst clearing outdated beliefs, societal conditioning and ancestral karmic patterns. Each sacred session is unique and honors the authentic unfolding of your individual healing journey (as directed by your Higher Self). These sessions go deep, so I ask you to be in a comfortable, quiet and safe place during our calls. No driving, no distractions.
  • During the session you will receive fun and nourishing homeplay practices to add to your spiritual self care tool kit.
  • Following each session you will receive a customized flower, plant and/or gem essence elixir in the mail to support your healing journey until our next session.
  • Each customized elixir will come with a 1-2 page PDF report via e-mail, filled with specific guidance about the plant & flower medicine in your bespoke formula as well as directions for use.
  • Halfway through the month we will have a check-in over email.
  • Additional email support is available M-F, during business hours for questions or concerns that may arise in-between calls.
  • At the end of our fourth month together, I will make you a Higher Self Encoded Formula and include a channeled transcription. This formula is your divine feminine essence distilled into your own unique elixir, that will last you for years to come. 

If you are feeling called to this mentorship program, the next step is to schedule a discovery call.


Intuitively Channeled Guidance

When I open my “channel” to Source Consciousness, I am primarily connecting with my Higher Self who is in direct communication with your Higher Self, the Elven Starseed Council and your unconditionally loving Spirit Guides, which allows me to receive information for your Highest Good. As a professional oracular channel, I am able to translate the information I receive into clear, compassionate and coherent guidance to assist you in taking action in a practical and grounded way.

Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing is my own unique way of conducting energy healing by working directly with the quantum energy field that connects all of life, beyond space or time. This means that you can receive healing in the past, present and future. Quantum Energy Healing includes healing with light (via the use of color transmissions), sacred geometry and through elemental alchemy (fire, earth, water, air). When I conduct quantum energy healings for you, I bring through my Angelic healing energy along with the assistance of many unconditionally loving Ascended Masters, Archangels and Plant Spirits.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are literally transformation in a bottle.

Flower Essences are liquid, energetic herbal remedies derived from living flowers and plants. Just as every human has a unique spirit or essence, the same is true for every plant, flower, tree and crystal. When you take a flower essence you are receiving assistance from the spirit of the plant itself. 

Flower Essences are completely safe and there are no contraindications in taking them. They can be used alongside any other medications, herbs or supplements you are taking.

Flower essences are a subtle enough form of plant spirit medicine that you can easily integrate into your daily routine, there is no need to journey to an ashram in India or visit a shaman in Peru to receive the benefits of the power of the flowers!  

The flower essence blends I make with the guidance of the Elven Starseed Council is an alchemical Earth Magick art of its own, the flower essence alchemy elixirs I customize for my clients work much more profoundly than just  going to the store and taking “Rescue Remedy” when you feel stressed.

"Jana has a rare kindness, warmth and sincerity. Through her work, she offers the possibility to profoundly shift one’s relationship to play, joy and personal creativity. She is an important voice of divine feminine wisdom in our current time. She can give you tools to change your own paradigm, unlock your personal well of creativity and help bridge you to your higher self.

Working with Jana has been exclusively affirming and uplifting. She offered me clear guidance about deep, pressing questions in my life and the next steps for my career in a deeply gentle, heart opening way. Working with her helped me reconnect with some of the most powerful, essential experiences in my life and childhood that I’d forgotten. These are pieces of me that I keep close and cherish as they reflect my life’s purpose. 

Our work has also helped me find more softness in my relationship towards men, to heal some of my wounds and release resentments that had been blocking my ability to be present in relationships. Her flower essence alchemy blends have helped open doors for me in my current personal journey of self-forgiveness. Please know with Jana, you’re in wonderful hands!”

- Julia Richardson, Early Childhood Educator, Pacific Palisades, CA

Mentorship Package Includes:

△ Four 60-75 minute mentorship sessions ($800 value)
△ Four 30ml customized flower essence formulas along with accompanying plant medicine reports ($500 value)
△ 1 Higher Self Encoded Essence + Channeled Transcription ($300 value)
△ Mid-month check in + Email support during business hours, M - F ($300 value)
△ Additional tools, rituals and practices ($300 value)
△ Four months of continuous multidimensional tracking, mentoring and coaching from the Elven Starseed Council + my Higher Self in collaboration with your Higher Self + Spirit Guides (Priceless) 


Your Total Investment for a 4-month Mentorship:

$1111 (Valued at over $2200 = OVEr $1000 savings)

Empowerment payment plans available:

$377 for 3 months* OR $288 a month for 4 months*

*First payment required before the beginning of our mentorship, subsequent payments are invoiced monthly 

If you are feeling called to this mentorship program, the next step is to schedule a discovery call.

For any additional questions about this mentorship program you can email me jana@janacarrey.com.

Stepping into more of who you truly are is a revolutionary act!   

Mentoring with the Elven Starseed Council and I is a multidimensional healing and empowerment journey. Although we bring a lot of joy, humor and play into our sessions, the work does go deep and will catalyze change in your life. 

You are worth It.