About this service

Flower Essence Alchemy sessions are a unique blend of flower essence therapy, intuitively channeled (psychic) guidance, depth psychology and quantum energy healing. These private channeled healing sessions take place over phone or Zoom, in the Virtual Elven Starseed™ Temple.

Flower Essence Alchemy sessions support your holistic healing on all four levels of your being: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The aim of flower essence alchemy is to support you in releasing old limiting beliefs and karmic patterning so that you can make more empowered choices in all areas of your life. The deeper intention of flower essence alchemy is embodying the highest version of yourself, living life fully in the present moment without old conditioning or the wounded parts of yourself running the show. 

Within the loving and compassionate container of our session, you are empowered to transmute your challenging emotions and life’s difficult initiations into an abundance of spiritual and creative GOLD. Alchemy in its TRUEST FORM!

After our flower essence alchemy session, you will receive your own customized flower essence elixir and directions for use throughout the next month. This gentle yet potent form of plant spirit medicine that you can easily integrate into your daily routine and your busy modern life. There is no need to journey to an ashram in India or visit a shaman in Peru to receive the transformational benefits of the potent plant spirit medicine that is Flower Essence Alchemy.

“Oh my what a rare and wonderful opportunity it was to work with Jana! Her effusive positivity and support radiated throughout the session. I felt like she really listened to me, and met me exactly where I was to help me move very quickly through the things that weren't working in my life towards key insights that are supportive on a daily basis now! I was getting mired in some major "shoulds" and had lost contact with instincts and natural talents that guide me beautifully.

The sessions felt like a blend of grounded, down to earth insight, and spacious, spiritual softness: like the sky and earth coming together to make a whole clear picture.  There are key phrases + tools from our sessions that are like mantras that I come back to again and again to find sustenance and support inside myself.

Additionally taking my customized flower essence formula was such a positive experience for me. With the help of my customized elixir I was able to make my year long goals, I made a future vision for myself and I was finally able to fully commit to being a professional artist. I was finally able to write down, really clearly, what I want, with no shame and complete faith that is what is happening and will happen. Honestly this shift has been deep and absolute. I went on my first audition in years and booked it! I think it was a very focused experience, which is different from my normal state of overflowing ideas and possibilities. Things just got fucking clear. Thank you so much Jana! I'm so grateful.

- Caroline Parsons, Artist, Writer + Actress, New York, NY

Many people have never worked intentionally and therapeutically with flower essences before, so if this includes you - you are not alone. Working with a certified and trained flower essence therapist provides a deeper and more personal level of emotional support and transformational healing than just going to the store and taking “Rescue Remedy” when you feel stressed.

Flower essence alchemy facilitates changes that could take years with more traditional talk therapies alone. 


Flower Essence Alchemy can support you with:

  • Establishing healthier boundaries

  • Getting to the root of “mood disorders” such as depression

  • Developing psychic & spiritual gifts

  • Bringing more ease and clarity to life transitions and changes

  • Trusting your intuition &connecting with spiritual guides

  • Clearing familial, ancestral and karmic patterns

  • Improving menstrual cycles & hormonal health

  • Healing from pervasive physical conditions such as autoimmunity, chronic pain and fatigue

  • Increasing financial abundance

  • Healing from trauma, PTSD and abuse

  • Moving through creative blocks & enhancing creative expression

  • Making clearer and more empowered decisions

  • Decreasing anxiety and daily overwhelm

  • Improving the quality of relationships

  • Grounding and protecting your energy

  • Ending self-destructive habits and addictions

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • And so much more….

Session Information

60 minutes for $255

These sacred sessions are held via phone or Zoom with clients all over the world.  Session includes:

△ 1 oz (30 ml ) customized flower essence formula mailed directly to you, to be taken over the course of a month. All shipping & handling fees are included in the session price (international included)!

△ E-mailed report, filled with specific guidance about the plant & flower medicine in your bespoke formula

△ The option of having our session recorded and emailed to you for no additional cost.
(Please note: we must meet in Zoom if you want the session recorded.)