About this Service

Intuitive Healing Sessions are a unique combination of channeled intuitive (psychic) guidance, quantum energy healing and practical spiritual coaching. These private channeled healing sessions are dynamic, multidimensional and co-creative as I empower you to trust your own intuitive knowing. I work with your past-parallel lives, your Higher Self/Soul and your Spirit Guide Team to bring through energy healing, removing subconscious limiting beliefs and energetic blocks with ease. Then I coach you in taking action on the next steps in your life that are in alignment with your Soul's destiny for this lifetime. Clients find these sessions to be fun as well as deeply healing. You will likely experience a deep sense of lightness, clarity and peace both during and after our sessions.

Intuitively Channeled Guidance As a professional oracular channel, I am in continuous communication with the quantum energy field that connects all of life and am able to translate the information I receive into clear, compassionate and coherent guidance. When I open my “channel” to Source Consciousness, I am primarily connecting with my Higher Self, the Quantum Energy Field (see below) and when necessary through the Akashic Records. My Higher Self  is in direct communication with your Higher Self, the Elven Starseed Council™ and your unconditionally loving Spirit Guides, which allows me to receive information for your Highest Good. This happens with precision whether we are physically in the same room (or even the same state or country) or not.

Quantum Energy Healing is my own unique way of conducting energy healing on a multidimensional level. I work directly with Source Consciousness through the quantum energy field that connects all of life. You and your Higher Self are a dynamic part of this process, whether you are aware of it or not. Since we are working directly with the zero-point presence of Source Consciousness, we are able to conduct healings beyond space or time. This means that you can receive healing in the past, present and future. Quantum Energy Healing includes healing with light (via the use of color transmissions) and through elemental alchemy (fire, earth, water, air). When I conduct quantum energy healings for you, I bring through my Angelic healing energy along with the assistance of many unconditionally loving Ascended Masters, Archangels and Plant Spirits.

Spiritual Coaching is all about guiding you to take practical action with the channeled information you are receiving. The aim is to empower you to trust your own intuitive knowing and the power of your choice. We are constantly co-creating and shaping our life by the small and large choices that we decide to make as well as the choices that we do not make. What makes these sessions so empowering is that this is a compassionate, non-judgemental and loving sacred space, where you feel safe enough to be an active part of the process. Intuitive healing sessions are not a psychic reading where you sit back and I give you all the answers. In this new paradigm, we are all remembering the masters that we truly are and that involves taking personal responsibility for the gift of our life.

“Working with Jana has been very powerful. She is definitely a clear channel with the ability to see into my soul. She was able to speak to issues I was having and suggest shifts and changes to help me - without me talking about these behaviors, she just knew. And although there were some deep aspects of my life that we got into, some sensitive subjects, she always remained so compassionate and loving. Always real and upfront but gentle. She also gave me a lot of encouragement for the path that I am on and all the accomplishments and work I have been doing, and also helped me connect with guides who wanted to assist me, and also plants that could help me. Her intuition is strong and spot on, and I felt empowered and also relieved to have an "inside" perspective from someone with these amazing psychic abilities. It is exciting to have some new and solid material to work with on my healing journey, and to have the guidance of someone like Jana who I trust and with whom I feel very looked after. The way she holds the sessions works really well and she really knows how to present her gifts in a transformative way. Doing the sessions on the phone provided me with the comfort of my own home and peaceful solitude where we could just let it all flow. I love her magical energy and the beautiful ritualistic way she opens up and then closes the session. I feel I am in good hands with Jana and her group of guides. I highly recommend her! Thank you Jana! 

- Sky O'Connor, Founder of Sky O’Conner Coaching, Santa Barbara, CA


What to expect when you book an Intuitive Healing Session with Jana:

Some (or all) of the healing modalities I work with may be completely new to you and that is just fine! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible before we work together. Every session is unique, however the general structure and framework of the intuitive healing session remains the same.

Before our session, I take some time to prepare for our session. During that time I open my channel to Source Consciousness and I take notes of any intuitive information that is coming forth to be shared in our session. You do not need to do anything to prepare for our session, except try to relax and be in a quiet and comfortable place during the session. I encourage clients to bring a journal and a glass of pure, filtered water to the call.

When I call you for your session, I create the sacred ceremonial container through prayer and invocation. Sometimes I am guided to start our session with a guided meditation or grounding practice. Usually I am guided to bring through quantum energy healing and/or intuitive guidance during the process of setting the sacred ceremonial container or shortly after.

Then I’ll ask you to state the concerns that led you to seek support. From this point forward our session is a collaborative coaching dialogue infused with additional quantum energy healing and intuitive guidance. Your questions inform the process as much as my answers do. At times I will ask you clarifying questions that empower you to trust your own knowing.

We are all capable of accessing Source Consciousness through our Higher Self and many clients find that working with me (an experienced channel) helps deepen their own intuition. When our session time is coming to an end I will close the container in a ceremonial way that preserves the energetic hygiene and sovereignty of all parties involved.

Session Information

90 minutes $277

60 minutes $222

45 minutes $177

30 minutes $111

These sacred sessions are held via phone or Zoom** with clients all over the world. 

* If you are not sure what session type to choose, it may help to know that the 60 and 90-minute sessions are the most popular. 30 minute sessions are laser focused and are recommended only if you are looking for clarity with a few very specific questions or for tune-ups*

**If you would like your session recorded, then we must meet on Zoom.**