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Alex Mart

Creative Entrepreneur
Berkeley, CA

"Jana and I have worked together for over a year. Our sessions are always powerful for shifting my energy and perspective, and for empowering me to make choices and adjustments in my life that I know will serve me better. I value Jana's unique blend of healing and coaching because she walks her talk and it radiates from her! She is a deeply compassionate mentor and wise listener. She positively shines as an example of what it means to live an ever-evolving, creative, and playful life. I feel more empowered, light and alive after every session. As someone who tends to be really hard on myself, Jana inspires me to love myself more in those challenging moments instead. As a highly sensitive and empathic person, it's such a relief to have someone who understands those gifts and knows how to find the magic there!

Jana's intuition and her way of asking questions always brings me astounding clarity. Through our mentorship sessions, I've tapped a sense of my own authentic truth and my own inner compass about who I am and what I'm doing in the world.

The results have been profound in all areas of my life: I'm more honest with myself and have a better sense of my own energy versus what may have been familial or societal conditioning. This helps me to be clearer on what I want and don't want, I am eating healthier and taking better care of myself, my relationship with my husband is flourishing and growing in amazing ways, and my work-creative life feels more aligned, balanced and fulfilling. I feel more grounded, centered and "on purpose" than I did before. I have more tools to work with the curveballs life throws. Most significantly, my ideas about what is possible for my life keeps expanding and growing! I am truly inspired by this woman and what has blossomed from our work together."

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Sky O'Connor

The Healing Chef,
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Jana has been very powerful. She is definitely a clear channel with the ability to see into my soul. She was able to speak to issues I was having and suggest shifts and changes to help me - without me talking about these behaviors, she just knew. And although there were some deep aspects of my life that we got into, some sensitive subjects, she always remained so compassionate and loving. Always real and upfront but gentle. What was even more amazing is that shifts and changes happened  in my life months later, that she had accurately predicted in our session! She also gave me a lot of encouragement for the path that I am on and all the accomplishments and work I have been doing, and also helped me connect with guides who wanted to assist me, as well as plants that could help me.

Her intuition is strong and spot on, and I felt empowered and also relieved to have an "inside" perspective from someone with these amazing psychic abilities. It is exciting to have some new and solid material to work with on my healing journey, and to have the guidance of someone like Jana who I trust and with whom I feel very looked after. The way she holds the sessions works really well and she really knows how to present her gifts in a transformative way. Doing the sessions on the phone provided me with the comfort of my own home and peaceful solitude where we could just let it all flow. I love her magical energy and the beautiful ritualistic way she opens and then closes the session. I feel I am in good hands with Jana and her group of guides. I highly recommend her! Thank you Jana!"

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Emma Elisabeth

Owner of Matrix of Amara Healing & Flower Essence Practitioner,
Hudson Valley, New York

"Jana’s unique line of Elven Starseed Apothecary Essences are powerful and supportive. These essences are other-wordly - but not in a way that is “far out.” Instead, these essences have a unique and transformative way of bringing the Other World into this world! They are essences of ecstasy and have helped to show me that my divinity is not separate from my humanity. These magical vibrational remedies helped to expand my consciousness in a lasting and embodied way.

Before I explored Jana’s customized essences, I was having a challenging time with feeling connected to my daily life because I felt that there was so much “more” I could be experiencing. I had this nagging sense that everything I wanted to tap into was right beyond my grasp, but there nonetheless. Once I began taking them, I immediately felt a shift with how much awareness I had for the subtle energies of the world around me.

I feel deeply that the Elven Starseed essences are powerful for the auric field and can help extend the aura of a person. The Elven Starseed Apothecary essences that I have included in blends for my clients have been received with such grace and ease, and my clients have raved about how expanded they felt while taking the Elven Starseed Apothecary essences. One client spoke about feeling like he had a 6th sense on Jana’s essences, and this was my experience as well. Everything is heightened in the best way possible. The frequency of these essences is very high and is so supportive for meditation, energy work and energy healing.

For myself, Jana’s essences have been allies when I have felt spiritually depleted or confused about how to integrate my spirituality and my humanity. I have been shown while taking these essences that I have my guides all around me at all times, and I am now more easily able to tap into the support of my Spirit Guides and the unseen realms.

I am so grateful to have Jana’s essences and to share them with my clients. They are truly next level and so very expansive."

"Jana Carrey is a beautiful, loving, smart and kind soul. She has a gift for making one feel at ease and safe as they open up to her. Jana has been there for me in a tremendously dynamic era of my life, beginning with my husband's and my journey into IVF, and following into our first pregnancy. Jana has helped me connect to my divine feminine guides (and to hers) in a way that helped me feel calm and grounded at a time in my life when I'd otherwise be feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. Her intuition is spot-on. I conducted six sessions with Jana, and each time felt more clarity and insight into my soul and journey. My husband observed that I looked and seemed "strong" after my sessions with Jana. It's true -- the energy I brought away from our sessions charged me in a powerful way. Jana is also available for follow-up questions and emails. She is kind and loving in her responses and walks her clients through new avenues in their life. I highly recommend working with Jana!"

- Client preferred to remain private

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Emma Patrick

Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Guide,
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Jana has been clear, powerful, empowering, unique and magical. My first intuitive session was with Jana and I felt so held, guided and supported during the process. She has such a strong and powerful gift and is truly a clear channel and guide. She creates a safe, sacred, ritualistic container that allows for the natural flow of the divine to move through her. I have experienced transformational shifts after working with her; stronger connections to my higher self and to my guides as well as to my true divine essence.

My work with her flower essences has also helped me ground, center and integrate experiences that I have been going through. With each customized essence I feel a deeper intuitive relationship with myself, cultivated feelings of earth grounding, and abundance transpiring through my fairy magic ways! Jana has been such a blessing to this life and I am so grateful for her magical work and guidance. Thank you sister!"

Anna M Photo 2.JPG

Anna Ma

Postpartum Doula & Intuitive Reiki Practitioner,
Wiesbaden, Germany

"After my Intuitive Healing Session with Jana and the Elven Starseed Council, I walked away with a sense that I have only seen a glimpse of her magical and multifaceted gifts. I can certainly speak for her ability to work and play with what is arising in the moment for the highest benefit of all. During our Intuitive Healing Session, the Elven Starseed Council and her pointed towards and mirrored some communication issues I was encountering in real life in a playful and loving way.

I do appreciate how elegantly Jana navigated our session, bringing deeply sensitive personal issues to light in a gentle way. She even generously extended our healing session time together to make sure we came to a point of closure before ending the call. The quantum energetic healing I received throughout the call was strong and palpable. I felt energy coursing through my body, and the topics Jana spoke to turned out to be central themes in my life in the following months. I also appreciate that Jana's advice and healing covered a variety of areas including physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing."


Julia Richardson

Early Childhood Educator,
Pacific Palisades, CA

"Jana has a rare kindness, warmth and sincerity. Through her work, she offers the possibility to profoundly shift one’s relationship to play, joy and personal creativity. She is an important voice of divine feminine wisdom in our current time. She can give you tools to change your own paradigm, unlock your personal well of creativity and help bridge you to your higher self.

Working with Jana has been exclusively affirming and uplifting. She offered me clear guidance about deep, pressing questions in my life and the next steps for my career in a deeply gentle, heart opening way. Working with her helped me reconnect with some of the most powerful, essential experiences in my life and childhood that I’d forgotten. These are pieces of me that I keep close and cherish as they reflect my life’s purpose. 

Our work has also helped me find more softness in my relationship towards men, to heal some of my wounds and release resentments that had been blocking my ability to be present in relationships. I highly recommend her “Calm” flower essence alchemy blend, its a combination that has helped open doors for me in my current personal journey of self-forgiveness. Please know with Jana, you’re in wonderful hands!"

Brianne Farry

Mystic Mother Teacher,
Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

"Jana. Is. Magic. She is clear, empowering, compassionate, and FUN to work (play) with as a soul guide and mentor.  She is a magnificent, intuitive guide who truly offers compassionate and wise council. She is a beautiful soul who has her uniquely positioned finger on the pulse of alchemy, soul growth, Divine Feminine Revolution and truth. Part psychic vision, part energy support, part compassionate council = Jana.

 Her gifts are vast. She is many things. A safe harbor. An intuitive mirror. A soft bed of grass for you to lay your aching heart upon. A Seeing One. An Oracle of Light. She like so many wise women, will help you see in the dark. We all need a helpful flashlight every now and again.

I worked with Jana last year inside her Feminine Essence Alchemy Mentorship program. You MUST work with her to understand how magical and wonderful she is! I experienced profound shifts and changes after each session spent together! Her relationship with plant magic and flowers is a beautiful layer that deepens and intensifies the spiritual soul work that is done together. I hold gems in my hands today that I did not know how to hold prior to our work together. Imagine what jewels and gems you might find waiting inside the dark of your cave. Ask Jana for help and she will guide you there. She is the music you want to be listening to during your awakening journey!"

"Oh my what a rare and wonderful opportunity it was to work with Jana! Her effusive positivity and support radiated throughout the session. I felt like she really listened to me and met me exactly where I was to help me move very quickly through the things that weren't working in my life towards key insights that are supportive on a daily basis now! I was getting mired in some major "shoulds" and had lost contact with instincts and natural talents that guide me beautifully.

The sessions felt like a blend of grounded, down to earth insight, and spacious, spiritual softness: like the sky and earth coming together to make a whole clear picture.  There are key phrases + tools from our sessions that are like mantras that I come back to again and again to find sustenance and support inside myself.

Additionally taking her customized flower essence formulas was such a positive experience for me. With the help of my customized elixir I was able to make my year long goals, I made a future vision for myself and I was finally able to fully commit to being a professional artist. I was finally able to write down, really clearly, what I want, with no shame and complete faith that is what is happening and will happen. Honestly this shift has been deep and absolute. I went on my first acting audition in years and booked it! I think it was a very focused experience, which is different from my normal state of overflowing ideas and possibilities. After working with Jana, things just got fucking clear. Thank you so much Jana! I'm so grateful for our work together."

- Caroline Parsons, Writer, Artist + Actress, New York, NY

Ashlyn Stevens

Recreation Therapist,
Montreal, Canada

"My intuitive healing session with Jana was so helpful to get clear on what I really wanted at this chapter in my life. Once I made the proactive decision to move to Montreal for the winter, I started a new job and moved into my apartment here within a week! It really was amazing to learn to trust myself and then see things coming together and falling into place so quickly! Working with Jana helped me to figure out how to make the decision to move to Montreal - in a way that was aligned with my soul. I am carrying her teaching about trusting the power of my own choice, forward into future decisions I make in my life.

Also, the day after my session with Jana I was doing an email reading for someone and as I was channeling I started seeing light language/symbols come through which has never happened before! It seemed very "divine timing" that I booked a session with Jana to help open my clairvoyant abilities, which then allowed information to pass through me for someone else. It made me see the trail of how lightworkers are really working together to support one another in reclaiming their gifts right now! 

I also ordered a customized flower essence blend from Jana. It was both powerful and nurturing. I've never experienced flower essences before and was surprised by the potency! Since working with Jana and taking her customized flower essence alchemy blend, my clairvoyant abilities are continuing to unfold but without the uncomfortable physical eye experiences I had been experiencing previously. Thank you Jana!"

"In March 2017, I had my first intuitive healing session with Jana. It was my first time engaging in this modality and she was intentional in ensuring that I felt supported, grounded, and engaged throughout the session. Our session was over the phone, but it nonetheless felt extremely connected.

During our session, Jana took me through time - past, present, and future - and guided me through her intuitively channeled downloads interspersed with thoughtful questions. The entire session was guided by her higher self in connection with my higher self. Throughout the session, Jana asked me questions and created space for me to ask questions for further clarity around her downloads. These efforts made me feel actively engaged in her "reading" and this shared exploration of my life. I left the session feeling peace and clarity about my past and a sense of renewed passion for the future ahead as well as some practical tools and rituals to use moving forward. I was pleasantly surprised by all that we moved through in such a short amount of time and was particularly happy to end the session with such a light feeling.

I would recommend working with Jana! We often seek such resources at moments of deep transition/tough times but my session with Jana reminded me the value of such work even when things don't seem so heavy. She also had done a lot of channeled preparation for our session, including asking me some initial questions in advance of the session to guide it as well as follow-up to see how I was integrating the session, which was an added bonus."

- SG, Nonprofit Professional, Los Angeles, CA

Katrina Testimonial Photo 2.jpg

Katrina Smith

Creatress & Founder of Heart & Hands Creations & Healing,
Queensland, Australia

“I am finding it challenging to find the mere words to express all that I experienced and received through my Feminine Essence Alchemy mentorship with Jana.  So so much was re-connected, re-discovered, re-membered, revealed in such a short period of time.  Jana helped me to return to the purity of my vision, my soul calling, my Self. Jana has an incredible gift of SEE-ing what it is that needs to be unveiled and seen. I gained such clarity in our sessions.  Clarity that Jana mentored me to gain from within myself. And her flower essences!  Whoa!  They are so so magick-filled and potent!  Every single time I took the bottles in my hand to take them, I felt their energy and essence so palpably and powerfully. Their effect was instant and obvious and magnificent.  Jana is an absolute Flower Power Priestess.  I am infinitely grateful to have journeyed with Jana in this mentorship and will definitely be working with her again in the near future.  Amazing-ness!”

"I would definitely recommend working with Jana! I got a tremendous creativity boost from working with her during a Creativity Catalyst session. Before working with Jana, I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I had such a strong desire to create underneath all the resistance but couldn't get myself to do it.  She helped me connect to my spirit guides very clearly and in connection with them, I felt so much hope and  inspiration!

She helped me to clear some internal energy blocks that were limiting my creative flow. During our session, I felt my creative battery got a jump start and now I feel charged up again. New songs are flowing through me. I have started songwriting and movie writing practices again with more ease than I have felt in years. I feel so deeply grateful!!! Thank you Jana!!!!"

Katyanna Z.jpeg

Katyanna Zoroghlian

Psychotherapist, Singer & Songwriter,
Los Angeles, CA

"May all of life come to me with ease, grace and joy." This is the mantra I received through energetic healing work with Jana and through the custom flower essence alchemy formula she created for me. All of life definitely came to me with ease, grace and joy! Shortly after our session, I took a pilgrimage to Kaua'i. The amount of ease, grace and joy I experienced while on this blessed island was palpable at all times, even while we were backpacking for miles and miles across challenging terrain. I had a profoundly magical encounter with dolphins which was the most remarkable example of the essence of this mantra shining through. I am eternally grateful to witness and imbibe the abundant beauty and majesty of Mother Nature. Thank you Jana for the magic of your essence and our healing work together, which opened me up to receiving more of life with ease, grace and joy. Sat Nam."

- Alice Covey, Nutrition Therapist, Maui, HI

Lori K

Coaching Entrepreneurs,
Sierra Madre, CA

"Jana has mentored me as a creative person. We have spent time on Skype working through areas of frustration, stuckness and limiting beliefs. She has helped me get closer to who I truly am and has sparked within me to desire to create again in a fun and playful way.

Our time together has been invaluable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in finding their unique path and deeper fulfillment, especially blocked or frustrated creatives and artists. I love the way she deeply listens and the wisdom she offers. She holds a gentle, compassionate space for whatever I bring to the calls. She is very intuitive and is able to see things that I can not see. I'm so grateful for this relationship and the impact that it is had on my life and business."

"Jana's warmth, vibrancy, and dedication to her craft allows you to feel safe and drop in right away. Her connection in the session is so on, it is easy to feel open and receptive with the space that she holds. She brings clarity without overloading you with information, just the healing and affirming information that was exactly what you need to hear. If you are looking for some clarity and Truth on your journey, I highly recommend working with Jana. The most powerful thing I walked away with was a greater gentleness toward myself."

- Justine Perizzo, Yoga Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

"Many thanks to Jana. She is very kind, generous and compassionate. I felt a strong connection of trust and love with her and in her sacred soul service. I found our work together to be very empowering. Many items we spoke of in our sacred sessions, I already knew to be true in my heart. Sometimes I spend so much time being stuck with the 'what ifs' in life that it keeps me from taking action. Working with Jana was a big step forward to start integrate my truth by recognizing it and accepting it as an important part of who I am. Areas of my life that I have been knowingly ignoring that need to be incorporated into my next steps of awakening came up. Our mentorship helped to put the next steps I need to make into perspective, while at the same time allowed me to honor and celebrate all the positive changes I have already made. Jana is very good at sharing the information that comes through from Spirit in a clear, light and non-judgemental fashion. At the same time she joyously shares in your good fortunes. I highly recommend working with her."

- A. B., Environmental NGO Manager, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The guidance I have received from Jana has created some serious energy movement in my life. When Jana and I speak there is a magical synergy that happens, which I feel speaks to her ability to listen to the energy behind what I am saying to get to the heart of any matter with a lot of deep love and tenderness. Learning about how she works with her spirit guide team, has opened me up to the presence of how I have many angels guiding and assisting me in my life, in both practical and miraculous ways. I can feel my own intuition growing deeper through our time together. As an empath myself, I feel very safe and heard in her compassionate presence, no matter what emotions or situations I am facing in my life. It is such a gift to connect and speak with her and I am so grateful to be able to experience her warm, caring, and intuitive guidance!"

- NN, Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

"Through working with Jana, art has become a priority for me again. I have started writing again and discovering stories I want to tell. Jana is a wonderful teacher and a supportive mentor that helped me open up to more of my creative potential. If you want support to open yourself up to creating more art in your life or creating your life as a work of art, I would definitely recommend working with Jana."

- Judith Barker, Creative Director + Digital Nomad, Lisbon, Portugal

"Jana’s creativity catalyst workshop (playshop) guided me to tend to some of the dormant - deeply feminine and creative -  places that rest within me but that don't want to be resting. I have avoided them because they are hard to think through or they require more time/effort than I think I have available or because I lack the confidence to say, “I can tackle this or I can make this happen.” Her workshop encouraged me to look at those places within myself, to give them some love, and to finally bring them to the forefront. Since her workshop, I've felt more confidence both in my professional work and in my personal life. I've chosen two of those dormant creative areas to make more of a priority in my life and I've been giving more attention to them. Her workshop helped me locate areas in myself and my life that I really needed/wanted to be giving more attention to. Jana’s workshop helped inspire me and gave me the confidence I needed in order to really tend to these parts of my creative self. I feel so much more balanced and content now that I'm including these important parts of me in my life again. I'm not avoiding them anymore. It feels wonderful!"

Meredith W., Nonprofit Consultant + Mom, San Francisco, CA

"Jana is an excellent facilitator, counselor, mentor and leader.  I love that she brings a sense of playfulness, sincerity and charm into what she does.  I highly recommend working with Jana for anyone desiring to bring creativity more fully into their lives, to work through creative blocks, and/or deepen in self-care."

- HK, Art Therapist + Facilitator, Santa Monica, CA

"I was drawn to working with Jana because I was feeling stuck creatively. I was not giving myself any "creative" time. I felt like I was losing part of myself. Through working with her, I have more self compassion and I am writing again. I finally started a blog. It has been amazing getting in touch with my inner artist again. I thought she might have left me for good. Being creative makes me a better mom, wife and friend. I'm happier. Writing makes me feel happier and being creative ads to my sense of self-worth. Jana is a great teacher - as well as a wonderful giving spirit. She sets the perfect tone. I would recommend working with her to anyone that feels they need more of a jump start on their creative energy and in life."

- Amy W.,  Actress, Writer + Mom, Encino, CA