there are four ways we can work together:

1. Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive Healing Sessions are a combination of intuitive (psychic) guidance, quantum energy healing and practical spiritual coaching.  I channel guidance directly from your Higher Self alongside the wisdom of the Elven Starseed Council. These sessions are excellent if you want clarity in times of uncertainty or are at a crossroads in your life. These sessions are dynamic and co-creative as I empower you to trust your own intuitive knowing and bring through energy healing to assist you in taking action.

These sessions are held via Phone, Skype or FaceTime with clients all over the world.

Intuitive Healing Sessions are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. The 60 minute session is the most popular option.

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2. Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions

Flower Essence Alchemy sessions blend together intuitively channeled (psychic) guidance, spiritual counseling, quantum energy healing and plant spirit medicine. Flower essences are a potent + very safe form of energetic herbalism that support you in emotional freedom, healing past traumas + releasing viral social conditioning.  After each session you receive 1 customized flower essence elixir specifically formulated for you in connection with your Higher Self and the guidance of my Elven Starseed Council.

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3. Customized Flower Essence Alchemy Elixirs

Flower essences are a potent and sustainable form of energetic herbalism and botanical medicine that have been around for centuries, and are just now gaining in popularity for good reason! They are completely safe and can be used alongside any other healing modality with no contraindications. They are so safe you can use them on babies, with animals and even house-plants!

You take them internally like an herbal tincture under the tongue, generally for a month or a full moon cycle. Flower Essences are masters at helping us heal at the emotional level, however they can also assist with energetic hygiene + protection, clearing limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral karma, bolstering confidence, unlocking creativity, creating healthier boundaries, healing trauma and so much more.

Having a flower essence alchemy elixir customized for you is literally akin to ordering a transformation in a bottle. How does it get any better than that? If you are new to flower essence alchemy or working with me, this can be a great way to get a taste of the "medicine" and the "magick" behind Elven Starseed Alchemy.

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In the meantime please e-mail or send me a message through my Contact page to order your customized flower essence elixir. I will respond with further instructions!

4. Feminine Essence Alchemy Mentorships

Feminine Essence Alchemy Mentorships are focused on EMPOWERING visionary and revolutionary women to EMBODY both their divine feminine essence through channeled intuitive (psychic) guidance, spiritual coaching + flower essence alchemy.

This complimentary call will allow us to see if we are a good fit to work together within a powerful divine feminine mentorship container. You may bring any + all questions you have  to this discovery session. I look forward to getting to know you better!

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