Ancient Alchemy for Modern Women

Welcome Lightworkers, Heroic Healers, Spiritual Seekers, Wisdom Keepers & Visionary Creatives to Jana Carrey Healing™ the home of Ancient Alchemy for Modern Women™. We are thrilled you have made your way to this glorious corner of the internet, a place for divine feminine awakening, empowerment and embodiment!

I am passionate about empowering YOU to embody your DIVINE ESSENCE through the ancient healing arts which include channeled intuitive guidance, Emotional Alchemy, flower essence therapy, quantum energy healing, spiritual coaching & depth psychology.

As the Oracle for the Elven Starseed Council™, I (Jana) speak on behalf of an unconditionally loving team of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Ancient Wisdom Keepers. At the root of my work is my devotion to being a clear and down-to-earth channel for the unconditional love of the divine mother and to share that love with YOU in all that I offer.


“Magick is the Grace of Love in Action” 

Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or you have been walking a deeper path of awakening and ascension, you are welcome here! Our (the “El” and I) deepest prayer is to help you remember your magick and reclaim the highest destiny of your soul for this lifetime by expressing your creative genius and spiritual gifts while in human form. Your humanity is the vessel and the vehicle for your divine essence to come through into this world and your unique gifts are deeply and urgently needed in the world at this time. 

As a part of Elven Starseed Alchemy™, we are thrilled to offer you sacred tools and practices to make The Way ahead easier, more joyous and less lonely. We were never meant to make the journey of awakening to our true divine nature alone. Precious ones, we know there is a higher reason for you being here now and we sincerely thank you for allowing us to serve you.

“To Pray and to Play Everyday is the Elven Starseed Way™”

There are many ways that we can work, pray and play together. Depending on who you are this may look like a 1-on-1 mentorship, a private channeled healing session, a customized flower essence elixir, attending a virtual or in-person playshop or something new that we co-create together! 


Jana & The Elven Starseed Council™ aka the “El”