As the Oracle for the Elven Starseed Council™, Jana Carrey channels, speaks and writes on behalf of an unconditionally loving team of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elven Starseed™ Guides, who ask to be affectionately referred to as “the El.” They are an Ancient Starseeded lineage of Angelic Guardians that are here as Wisdom Keepers of Earth Magick. 

Jana is a lightworker, a divine feminine revolutionary and a master intuitive healer. Her work is a unique blend of intuitively channeled guidance, quantum energy healing, flower essence therapy, plant spirit medicine, depth psychology and spiritual coaching.

She is a highly sensitive empath whose psychic gifts include clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance. Although she was born with many intuitive healing gifts, her own deeper spiritual awakening began when she was 19 and lost her younger brother and twin flame, Chris, to terminal bone cancer. 

She firmly believes that everything in life is here to serve our highest evolution from our darkest shadows and deepest wounds to our most profound moments of glory, joy and bliss. Jana has a rare gift for bringing lightness, courage, compassion and a rebellious sense of humor into the darkest arenas of human suffering and in doing so, she helps others to alchemize their soul wounds into spiritual gold and creative gifts that in turn can serve others.

She specializes in Divine Feminine Empowerment in these arenas:

1) Guiding others to clear emotional entanglements on a quantum level to achieve emotional freedom, liberation and sovereignty. Jana’s unique form of quantum energy healing works beyond linear space and time to help people clear past-parallel lives, ancestral karma and viral DNA programming for GOOD.

2) Assisting people in navigating life changes and transitions with grace (e.g., career changes and advancement, launching a new business, leaving unhealthy partnerships, etc).

3) Serving energetically sensitive and heart-centered beings in reclaiming their unique spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities in a grounded and practical way to serve the evolution of humanity.

4) Empowering people to re-connect with their “womb” and all the innate creative-generative-life force power that they hold within and then channeling their power into authentic forms of spiritual service and creative expression.

Other areas of expertise include healing from trauma and abuse, including incest, sexual abuse and rape, personal individuation from family of origin (inner child-inner parent healing), the internal and individual sacred union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within, as well as improving confidence and self-worth.

About Jana’s Playful + Prayerful Side:

Jana was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. After traveling and living in many different areas across the globe, as part of her own Spiritual Awakeing and Ascension journey, she is proud to still call California home. She is a deeply curious spirit who has an unbridled love for exploration, adventure and travel, that have taken her across the world. She has set the intention to make flower, plant and crystal gem essences from the local flora and fauna all across Planet Earth to add to the growing Elven Starseed Apothecary™. She enjoys a clean and balanced lifestyle, to preserve the health and sustainability of her body and the planet. Her incredibly old soul has a deep love of the simple, quiet and peaceful moments in life.

She was born on the Summer Solstice, the Cusp of Magick and the longest, brightest day of the year. She is a Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer in Venus, Scorpio Rising, North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius. 

Some of the things she has loved since early childhood include dancing, creating art, dressing up in the colors of the rainbow, collecting candles and crystals to make sacred altars, exploring secret gardens and singing to the plants, listening to animals and the land, interpreting dreams and learning about astrology, deep soul chats, mirthful mischief and laughing with friends.


About Jana’s Professional Training + Credentials:


Jana’s trainings cover a wide variety of complementary and integral healing modalities: flower essence therapy, counseling and depth psychology, expressive arts therapy and somatic healing, multiple modalities of energy work (both hands-on and distance), creativity coaching and community-based arts education focused on social justice. Through each of these trainings, she’s developed her own intuitive and tested system for working holistically with women of all walks of life. 

She has personally mentored with many spiritual teachers, shamans, leaders and healers of the highest integrity. She has been recognized by other renowned intuitives, healers, counselors and spiritual teachers as an arcane wisdom keeper, a new paradigm spiritual teacher and masterful intuitive healer.

In addition to her aforementioned trainings, her multidisciplinary background includes professional photography, design studio management, visual anthropology & ethnographic research, writing and copyediting. Her photography and artwork has been exhibited around the world including the California Institute of Integral Studies and Photomonth: East London Photography Festival.


  • M.A. in Visual Anthropology, Honors, Visual Culture and Media Pathway, University of Manchester

  • B.A. in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude & Distinction in Psychology, Minor in Anthropology and Photography, University of Pennsylvania

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Woman Rising School for Earth Wisdom & Moon Mysteries Flower Essence Practitioner Certification

  • Reiki I and Reiki II Certification, following the Usui System of Natural Healing

  • Access Bars (Energy Healing) Certification, Access Consciousness

  • Counseling and Expressive Art Therapy Training, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • National Art Educator Professional Development Award & Training, London, UK

  • Training in Clinical + Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Marion Woodman Scholarship Award to the Coming Home to the Body: The Legacy of Marion Woodman Conference, Depth + Somatic Psychology Training

Professional Memberships

  • Woman Rising Flower Essence Collective

  • Flower Essence Society Member

  • Flower Essence Society Practitioner Program


Photographic, Film & Art Exhibitions

  • 2015 Selected photographs featured in the documentary, “Oak and Scott: Pausing at High Speed” screened at the SF Green Film Festival and the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, San Francisco, CA

  • 2014 Selected works, Creatives Rising, See.Me Gallery Space, New York, NY

  • 2013 Selected works, The Story of the Creative, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, NY

  • 2012 “Transcendence,” Art as Healing Object, CIIS Student Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • Environments,” Live Artist Live-in, Underground SF, San Francisco, CA

  • 2011 Selected works, Art Show for the 99%, Warehouse 416, Oakland, CA

  • Selected works, Fall Open Studios, Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA

  • “Senseless Acts of Beauty,” 50-50 Show III, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

  • Childhood II,” Art Sale for Japan, 18 Reasons, San Francisco, CA

  • “Childhood II” Featured Artist at Wok+Wine, Millennium Tower, San Francisco, CA

  • 2010 “Childhood II,” Small Art Show, Warehouse 416, Oakland, CA

  • “50-50 Series: Childhood II,” 50-50 Show II, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

  • “Childhood,” Roll Call, SF Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco, CA, (catalogue)

  • 2007 “Envisioning Normality,” Global Eyes, Photomonth 07: East London Photography Festival, London, UK

  • “The Boy & the Phoenix,” Art Liberating Lives, Hatworks Museum, Stockport, UK

  • “Envisioning Normality,” Global Eyes: GCVA Graduate Exhibition, Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK

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